The suspected selling price is RMB 178800-234800, and the selling price of Beijing Hyundai kustui is exposed

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suspected selling price rmb 178800-234800

In recent days, , The driving line of sight learned the price range of Beijing Hyundai Kusi road from relevant channels . As Beijing Hyundai's first MPV models , Kustu will be in 8 month 29 The 24th Chengdu auto show held on the th made its debut , And in 9 Official listing . There are... New cars 6 models , Covers two types of powertrain , The guidance price is 17.88-23.48 Ten thousand yuan .

The new car contains 1.5T and 2.0T Two powertrains , among 1.5T GLS The model guide price is 17.88 Ten thousand yuan ,1.5T LUX The model guide price is 19.28 Ten thousand yuan ,1.5T LUX P The model guide price is 20.58 Ten thousand yuan ,2.0T DLX The model guide price is 20.48 Ten thousand yuan ,2.0T LUX PRE The model guide price is 22.08 Ten thousand yuan ,2.0T TOP PRE The model guide price is 23.48 Ten thousand yuan .

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