Equipped with 2.0T engine + wheelbase of 3198mm, the starting price is 145800 yuan. Datong G10 is too "installed"

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equipped 2.0t engine wheelbase 3198mm

Now medium and large MPV It has gradually become the first choice for family cars , This shows that people have higher demands for spatial flexibility , It's true that models like this have cars 、SUV The lack of super large space advantage , However, at present, the mainstream price has been between 20 More than ten thousand yuan , The working class like us may have hesitated , If the price may go down again , Even if the configuration is not very rich , As long as the space is big enough 、 Strong practicability is enough , Today, let's share a small and medium-sized... Which is a little cheap MPV.

He is from SAIC Maxus G10, Strictly speaking G10 Belong to those closer to business travel MPV, Why do you say that? , We'll explain later , Let's see what it looks like first . The front face looks a little high , This can be seen from the body size , Its three circumference size has reached 5168/1980/1928mm, It does have an advantage in height , Split headlights are used in the front face , The low beam lamp has a lens , Fog lamps are also standard in the whole series , And the lower grille was blackened .

The side is straight , Obviously, it prefers the commercial route , The rear door is in slide rail open mode , The end of the rear window is painted in black , Showing a semi suspended roof , Tire supply 215/70 specifications , High flat ratio can improve driving comfort , however 16 Inch aluminum alloy wheels are really a little small .

G10 The tail shall be concise and fashionable , There is no particularly complex design concept , The tail lamp group is slightly full , The trunk has a big opening , It's convenient to take things , However, the bottom bumper is in the same color as the body , And it presents a slightly narrower visual effect , A towering body , It seems that people lack a sense of calmness .

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