Why does Huashan say that Lingyu is a "super daddy car" suitable for three generations?

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huashan say lingyu super daddy

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When “ Encourage three children ” With the speed of thunder , When it becomes the main attribute of many current policies , It is conceivable that , For a long time to come , Families with two or even three children will become more and more common .

But the old saying goes well “ Easy to live 、 More difficult to raise ”, Especially for educated middle-class families , The biggest difficulty in raising children is , How to spend more time with your children in your busy work , How to make children grow up , Both have a healthy physique and personality , And have the pursuit “ Poetry and the distance ” Ability and pattern .


Of course , For many people , Changing cars is a top priority . After all , The house is small enough to be crowded , But cars don't work , Installing two child safety seats is enough to 5 The back of the car is full , What's more? , In most cases, there are old people or nannies who take care of children .

Medium and large-sized on sale SUV in , In fact, there are not many joint venture models , One of the most prominent is Buick anko banner 、 Ideal ONE And Ford Lingyu . And ideal ONE And Ford Lingyu can be said to be the of this market segment “ up-and-coming star ”, And what's interesting is , The positioning of these two models is very close , All are ——“ Daddy's car ”.

It's just , Ideal ONE Only a 6 A version of the model . And Ford leads the rich , As the second model jointly developed by Ford and Jiangling , It has not only made a very in-depth study on the needs of Chinese consumer families , Interior and exterior decoration 、 New design and development of seat layout and configuration , It has been launched 5 seat 、6 Seat and 7 seat (2+3+2) Three models .

More diversified seat combinations , Is to meet the different demands of different families . And there's news that , Ford Lingyu will soon launch “2+2+3” Another combination 7 A model , Further meet the needs of subdivided groups , Really give the choice to the user . meanwhile , Ford Lingyu will also become 20 The most complete seat layout within 10000 SUV models .


However , What must be seen is , Despite Ford's wealth and ideals ONE Positioning approach , Lower price , But ideal ONE But in sales, it is several times richer than Ford , Even among the large and medium-sized enterprises SUV Top three in the sales list .

Is it Ford's rich skills that are inferior to others , Or consumers are buying “ Daddy's car ” Sometimes there is a consumption blind spot ? What kind of product , It can be called a qualified “ Daddy's car ” Well ?

“ Daddy's car ” parade : Who has the advantage ?

Users decide to buy models from the consumption level , The weight proportion of reference factors will also vary according to the needs of each family , But for large household SUV In terms of consumer groups , The weight of practicality is obviously the largest . therefore , This time we will focus on space practicability 、 Use the dual dimension of practicality to compare all aspects, taking Ford as the leader 、 Ideal ONE、 Buick Angke banner has three large and medium-sized household products SUV.

First , It's the practicality of space . Compare... As usual , We still list the size parameters of three models . It can be seen that , Ideal ONE It's really the largest of the three models , And in the two fuel models , Buick Angke banner has small advantages in body length and width , But in the height and wheelbase that can best determine the internal riding space , Ford Lingyu is obviously better .


Specific to the level of riding space , For the average three generation family , The most passengers in the second row are the elderly or nannies , The requirements for ride comfort are also very high . Although these three models have seat versions with two rows of independent seats , But pricing is not on the same line , And there are great differences in riding space and comfort .

The height of the second row of space of Ford Lingyu can reach 980mm, Because the two row seats can be adjusted back and forth , The maximum leg space can also be extended to 980mm. With 180cm Take a tall adult man , Ford Lingyu's head can hold one punch and three fingers , The legs can hold up to two punches . Ideal, although the body is very large , However, due to the design of power increasing mode , The bottom is loaded with power batteries , The space of the head is only four fingers . The wheelbase of Buick anko banner is not as good as Lingyu , Naturally, the riding space is also slightly insufficient .


Overall speaking , The overall performance of Lingyu space is the best . Furthermore said , Compared with the ideal ONE Only “2+2+2” The seat mode is optional , Lingyu can also provide 7 A version . In terms of ride experience , Lingyu also has aviation headrests that can support four-way adjustment , Luxurious leather seats with two-color stitching and elegant design , The seats are not only front and rear adjustable , The back leaning angle can also be adjusted as needed .

secondly , Is to use practicality . The joint venture model is relative to the independent model , The configuration is generally low , I'm afraid it's a big problem many consumers face when buying a car . for instance , Large central control screen , Front row wireless charging is a very important function for young people , Many joint venture models don't have . Lingyu is rarely a joint venture model that can compete with its own brands in terms of configuration .


From the picture above , Ford Lingyu and ideal ONE Can support mobile phone wireless charging and zoning air conditioning , The rear seats also support heating and ventilation . and , Lingyu is also the only one of the three models with steering wheel shift function , At the same time, the third row also has independent air conditioning .


Driving assistance is also a big advantage , Ideal ONE Although there are AD Assisted driving system , Ford's Co-Pilot360 Zhixing driving assistance system also supports 20 The remaining auxiliary driving configurations , Include ACC Full range adaptive cruise control 、 Panoramic images 、 Intelligent traffic sign recognition 、 Front car collision warning and other functions , Enough to cope with ordinary cities / Long distance driving .


In terms of space and practicability , Ford Lingyu and ideal ONE Enough to bear “ Daddy's car ” Role . And the performance of the two at the market level is different , The main reason is actually the difference between new energy and traditional energy . Ideal ONE It's a new energy vehicle , Focus on increasing program power , It is equipped with engine and motor at the same time , You can either refuel or charge , Coupled with the opening policy of first tier cities to new energy license plates , To a large extent, it has promoted the ideal from the policy ONE The sales of .

In terms of fuel vehicles , Ford Lingyu carries Ford EcoBoost225 2.0T Turbocharged engine , collocation 6 Fast wet double clutch gearbox , Very good fuel economy , Even Lingyu is rarely able to support 92 Medium and large scale of oil mark No SUV, Plus the status of joint venture models , Enough competitive price , Lingyu is also the model that can give consumers the most sense of value among the models of the same level .

Treat each other at home , The future of Ford Lingyu can be expected

Although the product power has enough advantages , But compared to the ideal ONE、 Buick Angke banner and other competing models , Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of Ford Lingyu at present lies in its low popularity , Terminal channels are also relatively weak . But this is also the reason why JMC Ford has just announced its full entry into the passenger car market , Including terminal channels are also under constant construction . in fact , From this year 3 Month begins , Jiangling Ford has just begun to implement Ford's latest exhibition hall design and customer experience innovation concept throughout the country , And named it “Family Space Home space · Ford experience store ”.


It is reported that , Up to now , There are already more than 135 The experience store was completed . This shop building speed has actually been very fast , It is also enough to prove Jiangling Ford's determination to rejuvenate the marketing channel and the executive ability of dealers in major regions .

The Ford home space experience store is also the foundation of Jiangling Ford based on the existing traditional channel model , Combine the characteristics of modern automobile sales model to carry out integrated and innovative sales model , With “ Treat guests like relatives ” Idea , Launched “ Sincerity and peace of mind ”、“ Enjoy the hospitality ”、“ Love and care ” Three core innovative features of Huanxin customer experience .


In terms of sensory experience , The new home space experience store is no longer the hard line and simple automobile product sales place in the past , Instead, a large area of warm colors are used to decorate the whole experience space , Sofa everywhere 、 Pillow , It can give consumers a comfortable car purchase experience like home . meanwhile , There are also special zones in the exhibition hall , Including the mother and baby room 、 Children's entertainment area , To a large extent, parents can relax 、 Look at the car in a pleasant state 、 A car 、 Test run .

at present , There is Lingyu in the exhibition hall of Jiangling Ford 、 Collar 、 The one who shakes the road 、 Four models of Turro , Basically, it can meet all the needs of family car buyers . This kind of honesty 、 Treat users as “ family ” How to do it , It has been recognized by more and more users . I believe that with the completion of the construction of Ford's space experience stores all over the country , Jiangling Ford's product and brand awareness will also be greatly improved .


Behind the rejuvenation of the whole channel system , It also reflects JMC Ford's insight into the passenger car market and its determination to enter the market . At the product level , Lingyu is not the first passenger car launched by Jiangling Ford .2019 year , JMC Ford launches compact SUV Ford brought the world . At the time , Ford leads the world with excellent product advantages and attractive prices , Once compact SUV A black horse in the market .

product + Price , In a sense, it is always the two sharp swords to open the market gap , Lingyu is also aimed at domestic medium and large enterprises by Jiangling Ford SUV The breaking work of the market , Operated by the Australian team , From design to interior decoration, the overall layout is very in line with the aesthetic orientation of domestic consumers . so to speak , Everything is ready , With the channel operation and marketing deployment of JMC Ford across the country, it is gradually implemented , Lingyu will also achieve better results in the future market environment .


When we looked around , At present, medium and large-scale enterprises in China SUV There are not many models , From the product dimension , Combined price 、 Space 、 practical 、 Brand strength and other comprehensive factors , Ford Lingyu is definitely the most recommended model in this segment .

From the brand level , JMC Ford has a history of 30 years , Although the transformation of the passenger car market is the first test of the water , But understanding of the Chinese market is not without accumulation . Besides, , There is a century old car company Ford behind it , Rely on strong product strength and sense of value , And gradually improve the channel system , In the future, Jiangling Ford's model will also become Ford 2.0 Under the strategy of the times “ Even more 、 More Chinese ” A masterpiece of .

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