Comparison of luxury pure electric SUV, Audi e-tron, Mercedes EQC and BMW ix3

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comparison luxury pure electric suv

Since Tesla and other new car building forces have sprung up in the field of electric vehicles ,“BBA” The three finally took big steps to keep up with , Into pure electric “ Track ”. at present , The main pure electric vehicles of the German Troika are SUV---- audi e-tron、 Mercedes EQC、 BMW iX3 There is little difference in both level and price ( among e-tron It's medium and large C level SUV、EQC and iX3 Medium size B level SUV), Just form a competitive relationship . Among the three cars ,EQC and iX3 They all appeared as domestic , And Audi e-tron In the initial stage, it was sold in the form of pure import . But FAW - Volkswagen Audi has been in this year 4 Month completed e-tron Made in China , Its price has also decreased significantly , Higher cost performance . Now let's take a look at the pure electric of three traditional luxury brands SUV Which one is stronger .

The models involved in the comparison are their top version , This also represents the three brands currently in pure electric SUV The strongest strength in the field .

audi e-tron 50 quattro Premium ---- Official guided price 64.88 Ten thousand yuan

BMW iX3 Collar type ---- Official guided price 43.99 Ten thousand yuan

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