Traffic police remind: when driving at high speed, do not turn on the air conditioner like this, which has caused many accidents

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traffic police remind driving high

After obtaining the driver's license, you can't drive at high speed alone , Even to the highway , There needs to be 3 It's only possible to be accompanied by an old driver with more than years of driving experience , This is because novice drivers are still very unfamiliar with car control , In case of emergency, we can't make better choices , After all, there are no traffic lights when driving at high speed, and there are certain requirements for speed to drive to 60 Above kilometers per hour , At this speed , Keep enough braking distance from the car in front , Even older drivers need to be very careful when driving on high speed , It is also a long time to see rear end collision on high speed . And driving at high speed still needs to pay attention to many places , For example, today I want to talk to you about turning on the air conditioner when driving at high speed , Many car owners have traffic accidents because they turn on the air conditioner , Obviously, there is a certain reason , Let's understand . The traffic police reminded : High speed driving , Don't turn on the air conditioner like this , It has caused many accidents !

Many people can't understand the relationship between traffic accidents and air conditioning , Obviously, for vehicle air conditioning , Whether in hot summer or cold winter , Car air conditioning is indispensable , Some car owners open their windows in order to save fuel consumption , Although it brings cool, it also increases the wind resistance and consumes the same oil , In this case, it's obviously better to turn on the air conditioner after all , Car owners know that turning on the air conditioner has the difference between internal circulation and external circulation , There is also a certain reason , What is the reason for this , Or professional traffic police comrades to solve your doubts .

Obviously, when driving , You need to turn on the air conditioner in hot or cold weather , Internal circulation and external circulation can only be selected , Some car owners prefer internal circulation , So that the temperature can drop rapidly , Choosing external circulation can circulate the hot space around the car into the car. In this case, the temperature in the car will rise , Obviously, the fuel consumption will rise to a certain extent .

It's on the freeway , The most dangerous driving behavior is driving a car for a long time , Make physical and mental fatigue , Driving for a long time makes drivers very sleepy , And because the air conditioner chooses internal circulation , So that the oxygen content in the air in the car is continuously reduced , This makes the driver feel very sleepy during driving , Many traffic accidents on the highway are caused by the air conditioning system under the internal circulation , Coupled with the owner's fatigue driving, it is caused by two factors .

Obviously, when driving at high speed , Choose to use different internal and external circulation systems under different road conditions , For example, when there are many cars , Internal circulation can be used , When there are few cars, choose to use external circulation . This keeps the air in the car circulating .

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