New car information | from about 258900 yuan, Toyota Senna in Canada is more expensive than that in the United States

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new car information yuan toyota

In recent days, , The news about domestic Toyota Saina covers almost the whole country MPV market , In a few days, Toyota will officially appear in the domestic race , This car is specially developed by Toyota for the North American market , So it can't be seen in most cities in Europe and Asia , So we can only get more information through websites in the United States or Canada .

We learned from Toyota Canada's official website ,2021 paragraph Provided by Toyota senna 7 seat /8 seat , Two flooding / There are eight 4WD models in total , The price is 39,990 dollar -58,190 dollar , renminbi 25.89-37.68 Ten thousand yuan , The starting price is slightly more expensive than the American market , But the price is very close to that of domestic competition .

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