Qi Wei and Lee Seung Hyun, who are "high-speed racing", are the template to love sweetness after marriage

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qi wei lee seung hyun

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Hello everyone , I hit people in the face , A chicken that exposes people's shortcomings .

I've been crazy about Lee Seung Hyun recently , Handsome and family friendly , As soon as the subwoofer comes out , Can afford a sentence sexy.

After his first stage fire , Everyone said that they felt Qi Wei's happiness , Qi Wei said :

“ My happiness is more than these .”

I know she's not lying , Once on a reality show , After a busy day, it's time for the couple to go to bed , Lee Seung Hyun also said he would cover the lens , Hey ~

It's too hard to treat the audience as outsiders .

Although it is said that they divorced for several rounds , But several times it turned out to be rumors .

Nickname each other in front of the camera : Husband, baby and wife, baby couple , How can you divorce easily ?

In the program, Qi Wei is eating melons in the heavyweight gossip , She found out that she and Lee Seung Hyun divorced , The two discussed and wondered , Have you left ? no !

Even Lee Seung Hyun's friends couldn't help it , Ask the client in person :

I heard you two divorced , What circumstance ?

Li Chengxuan : What's going on , We are both in Beijing , Not divorced !

Qi Wei is a realist , Lee Seung Hyun is idealistic , In short, in this relationship , Qi Wei is more like a traditional man , Lee Seung Hyun is more like a woman .

The two on the yacht imitate the classic plot of the Titanic , When the atmosphere is full :

Li Chengxuan : I hope you can always be with me .

I'm still alive : smile , It's cold here

Coffee shop Lee Seung Hyun prepared a surprise , Two people talk at the table :

Li Chengxuan : If I have a wish or a part that I hope you can do , I hope you can take more care of yourself .

I'm still alive : Wouldn't it be nice if you took care of my health ? Just remind me to take my medicine ?

Li Chengxuan : yes 、 yes ! Are you obedient ?

I'm still alive : Look at your performance .

Lee Seung Hyun took part in his brother's show and became popular , Come to Yi Lijing's program for an interview , Qi Wei is more nervous than him , I'm looking for my former interview again cut It is both popular science and psychological construction , For fear that Lee Seung Hyun will be wronged in the program .

It's the same as worrying that my wife will be made difficult by her colleagues when she goes out .

So Lee Seung Hyun sat down , Just hold a frank and lenient attitude , Everything .

2006 year , Lee Seung Hyun paid the Korean company 10 Billion won ( renminbi 600 ten thousand ) Rescission .

2007 Years has made 《 An angel will love you for me 》, It has become one of his few representative works in the audience's impression .

until 2015 The child was born in , He has 6 It's almost out of gear in a year , Sporadic programs did not stir up much water spray .

During this period, he took care of his children at home almost full-time , Said by friends to live under his wife's wings , No money 、 Have a soft meal .

The necessary stage for stay at home mothers , Lee Seung Hyun has all experienced :

The day spent a day's energy , It looks like nothing has been done ; I can't help losing my temper with the child , The child fell asleep and broke down and blamed himself , Addicted to parenting books, you can't master parenting methods .

Depression is almost going to see a doctor .

Lee Seung Hyun did not mention “ Male Lord outside female Lord inside ” The stress problem , Qi Wei took the initiative to help him solve this knot .

“ You take care of the baby at home , I can safely pursue my dream , You gave me a chance , So I want to thank you instead .”

Finally, Lee Seung Hyun made up his mind to participate in the program , It was also Qi Wei's persuasion .

Qi Wei started her career in the competition , She doesn't think the game will last long , But it brought her a lot of experience and growth .

“ You always said to educate lucky Strive , Why don't you just show her , Be her role model .”

Lee Seung Hyun said to Yi liking :“ Just teasing me a little .”

Yi Lijing :“ provocation !”

It doesn't matter ~ In short, it's very similar to encouraging his wife to get another job , A docile husband .

During the interview with Lee Seung Hyun , What I feel most is his cherishing of his family , There is also the use of Chinese , While answering like a stream , Each answer is very logical and sincere .

Look back at his original microblog , The crooked nut accent .

Then to an interview that he came to... From South Korea “ At home ” Life is very adaptable , It must be that all aspects of transformation have been completed .

From the eyes of a male actor in his thirties , It can also let people see clarity and sincerity , It's really rare , Maybe it has something to do with Qi Wei's good protection .

friends , Single love beans may collapse 、 Love beans in love may break up , I finally met a couple and got a license 、 With legal formalities , Why don't you give it to me quickly ?

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