Still friends after divorce? Odie rides a motorcycle with his ex-wife. The relationship between Zhang Liang and Tiantian's mother is a mystery

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friends divorce odie rides motorcycle

Can you still be friends after divorce ? Guo Keyu and Zhang he spent many years without love after their marriage , Eventually divorced . A year after their divorce, they went to the variety show together , It's hard to be friends again from an awkward point of view , After all, I don't even want to talk to each other . But with the deepening of the program , The two also resolved the gap between them , From a strange lover to a familiar friend .

Odie and his ex-wife Zheng Yuncan just announced their divorce. It didn't take long , Weigh the course 6 More than years of running in and communication , It's a pity that they can't find a better way to get along . In a few days, they went to ride a motorcycle with their friends . Even if life can't be synchronized , But they are still friends in hobbies .

Zhang Liang's relationship with Tiantian's mother Kou Jing is a mystery . Zhang Liang is not only suspected of celebrating Kou Jing's birthday , It has been photographed many times taking Kou Jing and her daughter out after divorce . Even Zhang Liang plays a play , Kou Jing is also generous and takes her to support every day . before , Zhang Liang announced that he 17 The year of divorce , But then the Internet exposed many photos of Liang Kou Jing's colleagues after her divorce .

​​​​ To say Tong Liya, Chen Sicheng , To have a son after marriage , The divorce between two people, no matter what , To the outside world, it's cheating . But the two announced their divorce long after the incident , After the divorce, Chen Sicheng gave Tong Liya some cards to celebrate her birthday as usual . They also support each other's work , Still friends after divorce .

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