Audi e-tron GT introduces camouflage dust cover, which is quite cool

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audi e-tron tron gt introduces

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Beijing time. 8 month 25 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , Audi, a German carmaker, has launched a e-tron GT Camouflage dust cover , towards 2018 The concept car made its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in .

2018 year , audi e-tron GT Debut as a concept car at the Los Angeles Auto Show , Dressed in black and orange camouflage . It is rare for Audi to launch camouflage dust cover this time , And this dust cover is suitable for e-tron GT and RS e-tron GT. The main body of the dust cover is designed in black and gray color , But in the back of the car 、 Warm and unrestrained big red tone is adopted under the fences on both sides and the forward air port , The whole has great visual impact . Audi said , This design “ It provides car owners with an emotional experience of upward movement .” It is reported that , The recommended retail price of this dust cover is 785 dollar .

In the U.S. , audi e-tron GT From 9.99 Thousands of dollars . The Standard Version adopts dual motor configuration , Maximum output 469 horsepower , Peak torque 629Nm,Boost In mode, the output can be raised to... For a short time 522 horsepower , torque 639Nm. Higher endurance RS e-tron GT pricing 13.99 Thousands of dollars , Maximum output 590 horsepower , Peak torque 829Nm, stay Boost In mode, the output can be raised to 637 horsepower ,0-96km/h The acceleration score is only 3.1 second .RS e-tron GT Carrying a piece with a capacity of 93kWh Three yuan lithium battery ,EPA Under test conditions, it is about 283 miles ( About us 455km) Endurance of .

audi e-tron GT It's a pure electric car , According to the evaluation of overseas media , The machine 4.99 Meters long 、2.33 The truck weighs tons and drives like 4.47 Meters long 、1.55 Tons of Audi S3 As dexterous as . The reason why you can turn skillfully , Audi designed the rear wheel steering system for this car . When the vehicle speed is low , The rear wheels will deflect slightly in the opposite direction to the front wheels ; When the vehicle speed is high , The rear wheels will deflect slightly in the same direction as the front wheels .

As a pure electric vehicle , Users don't have to worry about charging .RS e-tron GT The charging speed is very fast , If the owner uses 350 KW fast charging pile for charging , just 23 You can change the battery power from... In minutes 5% Charge to 80%. In the United States, there are about 600 A cooperative charging station under Volkswagen , These charging stations provide about 2600 Charge point .

It's worth mentioning , Audi has “ Lamp factory ” Beyond the title of , They will also develop many interesting accessories . stay 2019 Year of CES show , Audi has created a set of interior for the rear passengers VR Entertainment system . This system is simply on-board VR The equipment will accelerate the vehicle 、 brake 、 Turning and other actions are fused with the virtual image , These virtual images can be interstellar travel 、 Jungle adventure, etc , Developers can use their imagination at will .

Edit comment on : Maybe Audi e-tron GT The classic coating has aroused strong repercussions from users , It was directly used to make a camouflage dust cover . But I have a bold idea , If you make this dust cover into other models , For example, Porsche Taycan What will happen? ?

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