How can Xiaomi overcome the barrier of "talents" when making cars?

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xiaomi overcome barrier talents making

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Since Xiaomi official announced the creation of the car , Its related actions continue to attract the attention of the industry . Not long ago , Media reports said , Beijing 、 Shanghai 、 wuhan 、 Hefei 、 Xi'an and other places are striving for Xiaomi car making projects , But its probability is that it will choose to locate its headquarters and its first factory in Beijing . In addition to the problem of site selection and settlement, which is subject to the attention of the industry , Xiaomi's solicitation of talents is also the focus of the industry . Soon after Xiaomi official announced the creation of the car , Its official website has published many Recruitment Information , Recruitment involves data platform 、 In vehicle infrastructure 、 Millimeter wave algorithm 、 Front end platform development and other positions related to automatic driving , And these recruitment posts are filled with “ emergency ” word , It can be seen that Xiaomi has an urgent demand for automatic driving talents .


Recruitment information posted on Xiaomi's official website ( Picture source : Screenshot of Xiaomi's official website )

However , In the automotive industry “ New four modernizations ” The moment of deep change , While emerging auto companies are eager to attract professional and technical talents , Traditional car companies have tried their best to limit the outflow of talents . In the near future , A list of entities suspected of being restricted from competing by Great Wall Motors is circulating on the Internet , The list lists nearly in the automotive industry 130 companies , Involving many well-known domestic auto enterprises and parts manufacturers , If the employee violates the non competition agreement , You need to pay up to 80 Liquidated damages of 10000 yuan . After the list of enterprises under the non competition agreement is exposed , The netizen exclaimed :“ Signed such a non competition agreement , It means you can say goodbye to the auto industry .”


The list of some enterprises in the Great Wall Motor competition agreement is posted on the Internet ( Picture source : The Internet )

Who is restricted by the non competition agreement ?

The so-called non competition agreement , It refers to the employer through labor contract or confidentiality agreement , It is forbidden for workers to join competitive enterprises for a period of time after leaving their original units , Including enterprises created by workers with the same business scope as the original unit . meanwhile ,《 Labor contract law 》 The personnel who stipulate non competition restrictions are limited to the senior management of the employer 、 Senior technicians and other personnel with confidentiality obligations .

In recent years , With the rise of Internet manufacturers , Non competition restrictions are common in Internet companies , And the personnel with competition restrictions gradually spread downward from senior managers and core technicians , Some even sink to fresh students or interns . With the expansion of non competition personnel , Disputes over non competition also occur from time to time . Statistics display , stay 2020 In the cases concluded by courts at all levels in , There were a total of cases concerning non competition 316 Pieces of , among 93 Related to enterprises in emerging technology industries , Proportion is as high as 29.4%.

Because the automobile industry is a talent and technology intensive industry , In addition, in recent years, intelligent networking and autopilot have become popular , For the protection of their core technology and trade secrets , There will also be non competition restrictions on employees . Gaishi automobile had previously conducted a survey on the non competition of Autobots , The survey results show , In R & D and management positions in the automotive industry , Yes 69% Of employees signed a non competition agreement . This proportion is the same as that of a main engine factory HR said “ Non competition agreements mostly restrict R & D and senior management ” Basically the same .

Non competition agreements block employees “ Back road ”

In the automotive industry “ New four modernizations ” Under transformation , Both traditional car companies and new forces in car manufacturing have accelerated their layout in the field of intelligent electric vehicles , What follows is the snatch of relevant talents . Some new forces build cars in order to find the right people , Often offer a salary higher than the market price , For example, on a recruitment platform, Xiaomi automobile has generally offered... For personnel in posts related to intelligent Internet connection and automatic driving 30-60 Thousands of year .

stay “ High salaries ” Seduce , Many senior technicians of traditional auto enterprises choose to change jobs to emerging auto enterprises . A headhunting consultant of a well-known recruitment platform said ,“ There are many unstable factors in the emerging car companies , General practitioners choose such enterprises or are very optimistic about the application prospect of new technology , Or for ‘ High salaries ’ And come .”

however , Due to the limitation of non competition agreement , It's not easy for auto practitioners to change jobs . Zhao Ming has encountered similar troubles recently , As an employee of R & D position in a joint venture automobile enterprise , After joining the company, he signed a non competition agreement . After five years of work , Zhao Ming encountered a bottleneck period of career development in his current unit , The idea of job hopping came into being , At this time, a headhunter recommended him a suitable position , And the salary has increased a lot , However, due to the competitive relationship between the company and Zhao Ming's enterprise , He is still hesitating .

“ Employees in core positions in automobile enterprises will basically sign a non competition agreement after entering the post , But most don't start .” Tang Xiaofen, a senior headhunting consultant who has worked for many years, said ,“ If an enterprise starts a non competition agreement, it must pay employees a non competition compensation that meets the standards , Otherwise, the non competition agreement will not take effect .”

However , Whether the non competition agreement is effective , The initiative is not in the hands of employees . Senior HR Director Yuge pointed out , At this stage, some companies in order to prevent the leakage of trade secrets , It will default that all employees have the obligation of confidentiality , And require all employees to sign non competition agreements , As for whether to start non competition restrictions on employees when they leave , The initiative is entirely in the hands of the company , But when employees leave , The employer has not paid economic compensation for three months , Workers can lift the restrictions on Competition . If the worker violates the non competition agreement , Shall pay liquidated damages to the employer as agreed , More Than This , The employer requires the employee to continue to perform the obligation of non competition according to the agreement , Still have to comply with .

From this view , Employees who have signed a non competition agreement after leaving , In case of violation of non competition , Once sued by the original unit , In addition to paying a large amount of liquidated damages , Still need to continue to be bound by the non competition agreement , If you have joined a restricted company, you need to handle resignation . therefore , Employees subject to competition restrictions will be extra cautious when changing jobs , To some extent, this may aggravate the difficulty of recruitment for scarce posts .

The problem of high-end talents in emerging enterprises remains to be solved

The deep transformation of the automobile industry to the new four modernizations has also intensified the reconstruction of the talent structure . Zhu Mingrong, President of the automotive talent Research Association, pointed out , An obvious development trend of talent structure in China's automobile industry in recent years is the sharp increase in the number of R & D personnel , from 2001 Who accounts for the number of employees in the year 14% Promoted to 23%, And the proportion of highly educated employees in enterprise R & D institutions continues to increase .

For all that ,“ New four modernizations ” Talent shortage is also a common problem faced by the industry . Analysts point out that , Battery subdivision in the three electricity field , The quantity and quality of China's top talents are similar to that of Japan 、 There is still a big gap compared with Korean and other auto enterprises ; meanwhile , The quantity and quality of China's top talents in the direction of intelligence still lags far behind that of the United States .

An industry veteran pointed out that , Industrial reform has intensified the demand for high-end talents in the automotive industry , Therefore, the demand of enterprises for R & D talents began to increase , But the stock of such talents in the market is small , This has led to a difficult situation for some top technical talents . On the one hand, top technical talents are scarce , On the other hand, enterprises have blocked the employment of high-tech talents with non competition agreements “ retreat ”, This will undoubtedly bring a series of obstacles to emerging auto enterprises in attracting core technical talents .

( Respondent's request , Zhao Ming 、 Tang Xiaofen 、 Brother Yu is a pseudonym )



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