Don't always be Xuanyi. The Peugeot 408 is really fragrant!

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don xuanyi. xuanyi peugeot really

For people who want to buy a compact sedan , It's normal to shop around . There are many products at this level , The competition is more intense , For stable consumers , Most of them will directly buy the models at the top of the sales list , For example, Nissan Xuanyi ( Parameter picture ), Is the choice of many people . But some people are willing to study it carefully , Find the best treasure model for yourself , For example, Peugeot 408, You get a lot of attention . So how to choose , Peugeot 408 Which is better or worse than Xuanyi ?

The following is a comparison of the specific models of these two vehicles : Xuanyi (21 paragraph 1.6XE CVT Comfort Edition )、 Peugeot 408(20 paragraph 360 THP+ The tenth anniversary edition ) Contrast ! See which car is better for you ?

The hard truth of safety cannot be ignored ! Nissan and Peugeot who is more resistant ?

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