Once the price increase was too high to rise, but now the customer likes to answer and ignore it. Can Land Rover still stand up?

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price increase high rise customer

In recent years, the income level of Chinese people has improved to a certain extent , Consumers are spending more and more on cars . By virtue of passing 、 Space flexibility 、 Good performance in practicality ,SUV It has become the first choice of most consumers . And when it comes to the top SUV, Discovery Series in the Chinese market , Once left a thick ink and heavy color . The fourth generation of that year found , But I have to raise the price and rush to buy it . however , After the discovery of the fifth generation , Its legend is over , There are very big discounts on the terminal , Sales are getting lower and lower . After a relatively large upgrade recently , Sales of New Land Rover Discovery , Will it improve ?

aesthetic , The new discovery is mainly upgraded in the direction of young sports . The mesh grid design on the front face is slightly three-dimensional , The headlights are exquisitely designed , The front surround adopts a very three-dimensional double trapezoidal shape , At the same time as the hardliners , Younger and more athletic .

The foundation of the side changes little , Still very impressive 、 Very recognizable . The body side lines are straight , Equipped with blackened door frame trim , Below is provided 22 Inch hub , The roof is designed to be suspended , Full of fashion . Compared with the old model , The side of the new discovery is also more exquisite .

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