The old artist becomes a green tea man. Is he the first one to overturn in brother through thorns?

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old artist green tea man.

《 My brother 》 Broadcast to the second issue ,“ I learn ” As promised . Lin Zhixuan surpasses all his brothers , On the hot search .

The old artist became... Overnight “ Tea master ”, Everything is an air-conditioned pot

First, in the second program just aired , Zhao Wenzhuo mentioned it when chatting with the team members “ Our room doesn't have air conditioning ”,

because “ Zhixuan said his voice would dry when he turned on the air conditioner ”,

Then brother Zhao embarked on the long road of changing rooms . First, ask other team members whether they will be re allocated after re grouping ,

After the program group announced that they could change rooms freely , Hu Haiquan immediately told Zhao Wenzhuo ,“ You have a chance !”,

Zhao Wenzhuo also immediately took action , After hearing that there is still a vacant seat in the Kazakh room , Carrying big bags and small bags, I went to several younger brothers' rooms all night and asked myself if I could change over ,

The Kazakh brothers declined three times ,“ Are you going to sleep here ?”“ It just doesn't affect your rest ”“ We'll have friends coming to visit ”

Of course, Zhao Wenzhuo can also hear it , I didn't insist on staying in this room , I became a wave of martial arts coaches at the scene , That's how it passed . But Lin Zhixuan, another protagonist who doesn't turn on the air conditioner in the double room, has a lot to say about it . As soon as the air conditioning incident is hot , Lin Zhixuan quickly posted a microblog to get rid of himself

To throw the pot , Mr. Lin's microblog of more than ten words was even edited before and after 6 Time , Every time there is a new Lin's script

At first, Zhao Wenzhuo thought that blowing the air conditioner was not enough for health , I agreed ,

Then there is the long way to pick words , from “ Like moderate air conditioning ” To “ Accept the suggestion, cooperate and agree ”、“ I turn on the air conditioner at home ”,

The tea smells like tea , You just say it's Zhao Wenzhuo's pot !

No matter how Lin Zhixuan edits , In this case , Still standing by, Zhao Wenzhuo ate melons er A little more . After all, if Zhao Wenzhuo really doesn't want to turn on the air conditioner , It's unnecessary to change to another room to blow the air conditioner ?

And it's not over yet , After a wave of operation, Lin Zhixuan quickly turned to a marketing microblog , And quickly explain that you are hand sliding .

however 8G Melon eating players know , To turn fast, you have to press twice , The probability of two consecutive hand slides ……emmm, It doesn't seem very big .

After the hot search , Zhao Wenzhuo also responded to a wave of public opinion .

The response is informative , He didn't deny that Lin Zhixuan wouldn't turn on the air conditioner , He also acquiesced that he just wanted to change rooms . In contrast, Zhao Wenzhuo left a decent response to each other , Lin Zhixuan's response, which was eager to get rid of it, looked like a small bellied chicken . Miss Lin , Shall we open the pattern a little .

I don't know if Lin Zhixuan regrets coming to this program , coming 《 brother 》 in the future , The artist aura of Lin Zhixuan gradually collapses one phase at a time . The game hasn't started yet , Lin Zhixuan resolutely put down his cruel words ,“ I can't dance on this show ”,

And set their own goals , That is to come. “ The Renaissance ” Of , We should bring together those who are capable in various fields , Set up a high-quality art group .

“ To pursue a kind of beauty with confidence ”,

So he brought in Piano Masters Li Yundi and Liu Jia 、 Li Xiang, two dancers . In Lin Zhixuan's ideal plan , All types of work must perform their respective duties , Dancers don't sing , Those who sing never dance .

Although it is very tall , what “ What we have to do is lead ”,

But when you think about it, this picture is really a lead singer , One accompaniment and two dances ?

After all, the team members are ordinary people , It's not artificial intelligence , Anyone will have their own ideas . Li Xiang and Liu Jia are already leaders in the dance industry , I came to this program to break through myself , Sing openly on the stage .

Li Xiang also seriously mentioned his ideas to Lin Zhixuan , Even if you're not good at , Even out of tune , Also enjoy the process of transformation and change ,

However, Mr. Lin has been used to being an artist for so many years , Completely regardless of other people's feelings , One step in place to arrange the whole season's programs clearly ,

Another thing is that we can better see Lin Zhixuan's degree of self , Before the premiere, all the members of each group were with PD We held a meeting . Other groups are discussing the presentation effect of the public performance 、 Performance content , Lin Zhixuan sat down , Start scheduling the premiere , Say your voice is at its best only at night , So it must be premiered in the evening .

The artist's requirements for himself are understandable , But have you ever asked your teammates for their opinions ? The brothers divided dormitories for the first time , Everyone chooses rooms according to their age . Huangguanzhong 57 year , Number one , Lin Zhixuan 55 year , The second . Two people were called to the stage to choose a room .

Agreed, according to age , As soon as Mr. Lin went up, he took the lead in choosing the only double room ,

After entering the room, according to their own personal habits , The camera in the room was pasted up for the first time , Zhao Wenzhuo from the same room : I tm Who knows how many shots are missing

except 《 brother 》 These things in , Lin Zhixuan was also pulled out of Gu Zao's microblog every minute , Call fans “ Common people ”,

End up with another singer ,“ The audio version follows us Live The version is not comparable ”,

In the early years, it was said on the program that the Diaoyu Island belongs to Yilan County, Taiwan ,

The surrounding development can be carried out by Taiwan 、 in 、 The three parties jointly operate ?

If this confusing remark were put today , I'm afraid I'll be withdrawn in minutes . May wants to say : I hope artist Lin understands , The tea gas in the tea doesn't touch the red line , But a lot of behavior is not to say “ I'm an artist ” Can muddle through .

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