Chengdu auto show "6 God class domestic cars" appeared. Netizen: what joint venture cars do you see!

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chengdu auto god class domestic

The first 24 The th Chengdu International Auto Show will officially open at the end of this month , In this auto show , Our own brand is still the biggest bright spot . Xiaobian also simply listed 6 The heavy domestic car to be unveiled at this auto show , It can be said that 6 This car can play a connecting role in the field of independent brand , And more importantly , The pressure on joint ventures is also increasing !

The first paragraph :“ Harper beast ”

The name of this car is still called “ legend ”. Yes, of course , This seems to be in line with the current development of the Great Wall series , The shape of this car also represents the highest design level of the Great Wall ! For the first time, the front face adopts a design style similar to Chevrolet , A large area of lattice grid forms its middle net , And the shape of the headlight also has a sense of future , The new car is to add sports elements , Looking around, red line elements are added to the whole body , The performance in detail is also perfect !

“ Mythical Animals ” The interior also shows the design skills of the Great Wall ! You think the Harvard series is the peak ? You'd be wrong ! The interior of this car , Unreservedly show its sense of future incisively and vividly ! We noticed that even the dual screen style is not unusual , The size of its main display screen is designed to be smaller , The size of the central control screen is larger , And it also adopts a design biased to one side ! I wonder if you noticed the design of its shift area , All made of aluminum , Quite artistic .

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