The GAC motor gs8 with Toyota Hybrid breaks 100 in 6.9 seconds and consumes 5.3 liters of fuel. Can you kill hanlanda?

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gac motor gs8 gs toyota

​ Medium and large enterprises launched by Chinese independent brands SUV, So far, there has been no real success , Gac and kei GS8 It's a good one . since 2016 Officially launched in , With excellent design and balanced performance , It has been recognized by some consumers . There is one beside me GS8 The owner of the , From his feedback, the whole is satisfactory .

Not long ago , GAC motor has released a new second generation GS8, The new car was born in GPMA Modular architecture of GAC global platform .GPMA The architecture contains R The platform and L platform , among ,“L” representative Large、Luxury, That is, large space 、 Luxury , The new second generation GS8 It was born in GPMA-L platform .

In terms of body size , The new second generation GS8 Taller and more powerful than the previous generation , The length of the whole vehicle is increased to 4980mm, Wheelbase increased to 2920mm, Body width increased to 1950mm, Basically close to Volvo XC90 The level of , Therefore, it gives people a strong visual impact from the volume .

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