Hefei opens night mobile vaccination vehicle! Rapid rotation expansion

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hefei opens night mobile vaccination

Great good

Hefei first vehicle

The mobile vaccination car in the evening is coming


Office workers don't have to ask for leave

Old people and children don't have to travel long distances

according to the understanding of

8 month 26 solstice 8 month 31 Japan

The new crown vaccination vehicle

Will drive to Yaohai District 13 At the door of a community

Every night 17:00 to 19:00

Provide vaccination services to the public

8 month 25 In the evening, , A mobile vaccination vehicle drove from Guangde Road, Hefei second hospital to the gate of Xinhai Jiayuan community, Daxing community, Yaohai district , Many citizens lined up outside the car to register relevant information waiting for vaccination . It is reported that , This is also the first mobile vaccination vehicle in Hefei at night .

“ The children saw the community notice in the group yesterday and told us , Then today, my wife and I came together to get the vaccine .” I live in Xinhai Jiayuan community 、 This year, 84 Year old Wang Hongjin was the first to get on the vaccination car , Successfully vaccinated the first new crown vaccine that night .

In the evening 6 spot 50 about , Ms. Han, who lives in Xinhai home, took 13 My two-year-old son lined up outside the car to register for vaccination ,“ The first shot before , Today, I took my son to two points to consult Miao who didn't have a second needle , When I came back from work in the evening, I saw a vaccination car here .”

The reporter noticed at the scene that

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