A Hummer in the snow, driving a new 5008 to shoot the stars in the Himalayas

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hummer snow driving new shoot

After surviving in the wilderness , People say that Bei Ye is very good , The cameraman behind Bei Ye is the real cow .

Now? , These crazy photographers are going to shoot stars in the Himalayas , Open an extraordinary wilderness style. I believe everyone is curious about how this group of people go outdoors , What amazing works have been created . Let's follow two photographers , Follow their work car , To experience a trip to the starry sky under the snow mountain .

" You will never believe , Notebook and camera are not my brain hole distribution center , Instead, inside the car is . Because I want to travel and shoot the stars , Inspiration must be in the car , Especially in the vast and open long journey and leisurely self driving , The car will become a flowing space with unrestrained inspiration . For example, the one above , When you run away from the city , When you want your eyes to jump between the snow fields , You need to get to the snow mountain , At least it has to be under your feet .

The weather is hot but cold , Seat heating is comforting

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