Golf GTI's enemy is it! Fox st, find out

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golf gti enemy fox st

Fox believes that many friends know , But for its performance version, fox ST( Parameter picture ) Little known , In this issue, we'll talk about golf GTI Fox, our enemy ST.

aesthetic , Unlike ordinary fox , You can be in fox ST See a lot of sports kits above , Compared to the regular fox , fox ST More fighting style . Besides , Red brake calipers with oversized wheels , Makes fox ST The sports atmosphere is very strong , At the same time, the sports style air inlet grille 、 Outside rearview mirror 、 Rear spoiler 、 Lower diffuser and other kits further enhance its sports atmosphere .

interiors , fox ST Equipped with Recaro Sports seats , The material consists of suede and leather , Add details ST identification . Besides , In the seat 、 The steering wheel 、 White stitches are added to the shift lever and other positions for treatment .

motivation , fox ST With one 2.3T Turbocharged engine , Can provide 280Ps Maximum horsepower , Peak torque is 420N·m. The transmission system adopts 6 Speed manual transmission , Its gear switching is easier 、 More precise 、 Quieter . It's specially designed , It can improve the driving experience and reduce fuel consumption .

For golf GTI Fox, our enemy ST What do you think ? Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section .

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