Haagen Dazs also "overturned"

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haagen dazs overturned



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In recent days, , According to Tianyan , Haagen Dazs affiliated company general mill trade ( Shanghai ) The company has added an administrative penalty , The reason for punishment is that the skin of some Haagen Dazs products is made of chocolate skin instead of cocoa butter , Instead of the chocolate crust it claims on its website .

The punishment result of Shanghai Pudong New Area market supervision and administration on Haagen Dazs is , Order to stop publishing illegal advertisements , And fine 1 Ten thousand yuan . Many netizens have expressed that ,“ Ten thousand yuan is too little ”“ It's so expensive to use cocoa butter ”“ Cheating consumers should be severely punished ”……

This is not the first ice cream brand in terms of raw materials “ Rollover ”. not long ago , Some netizens said on Weibo , Unilever's Menglong ice cream has different materials at home and abroad , Has caused the netizen's hot discussion .

From Zhong Xuegao 、 Menglong goes to Haagen Dazs , These high-end brands frequently have problems in raw materials . Ice cream brands should not just use “ High-end ” As a gimmick , Honest management is the basic of brand .

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