Made with ingenuity! Listing will be looted! You can easily buy it with an annual salary of 200000! Anko banner vs Lexus es

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ingenuity listing looted easily buy

Although nowadays, new energy vehicles have become a trend , But fuel vehicles still dominate the mainstream , In the future, the competition between the two will be more and more fierce . The next two gasoline cars are not bad , They are anko banner and Lexus ES. Now let's follow Xiaobian and see what they do .

models : Buick Encore flag 2020 paragraph 28T Two wheel drive luxury

The guided :29.99 Ten thousand yuan

Angke banner 2020 paragraph 28T The two drive luxury grille adopts a polygonal design , Add chrome trim , It looks quite fashionable . The headlights of the car show a delicate design style , Significant visual effect .

The rearview mirror , The car is equipped with an electric regulator 、 heating .

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