Look over here! God car! Can't you buy it with an annual salary of 200000? Lexus UX vs Asian Dragon

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look god car buy annual

Now the requirements of buying a car are not only comfortable , Other configuration 、 power 、 Materials 、 Workmanship is also an important reference factor . The next two cars to be written are 5 A model , They are Lexus UX Asian Dragon , I wonder how practical they are . Now let's follow Xiaobian and see what they do .

models : lexus UX 2020 paragraph 260h explore · Cool version

The guided :28.3 Ten thousand yuan

lexus UX 2020 paragraph 260h explore · The cool front took an aggressive route as a whole , The grille presents an atmospheric design style , With sharp headlights , Give people a good visual effect .

The size of the car is 4495/1840/1520mm, The wheelbase 2640mm, The side of the car looks very smart , Using dynamic lines , The line runs through the side , Eye catching look .

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