Finally, it dropped from 179800 to 159800. Can we return to the peak of sales?

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finally dropped return peak sales

In Passat 、 The accord 、 camry 、 Sounds of nature “ Four Swordsmen ” among , So far, the model without problems is Teana . Passat appeared due to the collision test of China Insurance Research Institute A Column bending ; Camry and accord are both affected by the increase of engine oil . Among these models , Teana, with average sales volume, did not expect to achieve success in the collision test of China Insurance Research Institute G Excellent results , Become B The best of the class cars , Let consumers look at it with new eyes . Because of the impact of the epidemic , In order to increase sales, major automobile manufacturers have launched preferential policies . So , Nissan will also reduce the price of Teana by a large margin . At present, the car is from 17.98 Wan fell 15.98 ten thousand , Other cities have 3.6 The highest discount of 10000 .

In appearance , The new car uses a new family design language . The headlight set adopts “ Boomerang ” Type daytime running lamp design , The overall shape is more slender than the cash shape . The central air intake grille is of large mouth design , Use... Around U Type I chrome-plated trim , stay U Both sides of the chrome plated decorative strip are bright black decorative strips . Under the integrated area of turn light and fog light, there is a shovel shaped front lip .

Its interior design is also a comprehensive innovation , Compared with the old design, it gives people a refreshing feeling , Still follow the practical concept of Japanese design , The zoning layout of various functions is clear , At the same time, the scattered outline lines make it look more hierarchical .

The machine 2.0T Our engine was selected 2020 The title of ward's top ten engines in , Maximum power is 252 horsepower , The maximum torque is 380Nm, matching CVT Stepless gearbox , Can simulate 8 A gear ,0-100 Km acceleration only needs 6.4 second , And thanks to the technology of variable compression ratio , The compression ratio can be in 8:1 to 14:1 Stepless switching between .

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