Exploration Hall of 2021 Chengdu auto show: Euler cat GT Mulan version

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exploration hall chengdu auto euler

[ Car home   information ] 2021 Chengdu auto show will be held in 8 month 29 Opening day , My colleagues in front took pictures in the exhibition hall of Western China International Expo City Euler is a good cat GT A magnolia ( Parameters | inquiry ) edition . The new car has been pre sold before , The pre-sale price is 13.8 Ten thousand yuan . It is reported that , Euler is a good cat GT The Mulan edition will be published on 8 month 29 Chengdu auto show was officially launched on the th .

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Euler is a good cat GT The Mulan version adds a sports atmosphere to the appearance , The biggest change in the front face is the front surround , The sporty front surround makes the car full of combat effectiveness , The triangular vents surrounding the left and right sides are also coated with frosted texture , Enhance refinement . Anterior lip 、 The rim and tail details are decorated in bright red , Played the role of the eye . The body size of the new car is... Length, width and height 4254x1848x1596mm, The wheelbase is 2650mm.

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One of the highlights of the rear is the larger rear spoiler , The spoiler is equipped to make a good cat GT The Mulan version looks more like a hatchback steel gun , At the same time, the side “GT” The logo also indicates a special identity . The new car also adds a diffuser like design under the rear enclosure , The red and black painting conforms to the style of the whole vehicle , The visual effect is striking .

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Into the car , The sports atmosphere also extends from the outside to the inside of the car , Many red embellishments , Like the center console 、 The steering wheel 、 The seat 、 The safety belt and other parts are painted in red . Besides , The design of the car's dual screen highlights the sense of science and Technology .7.25 Inch full LCD instrument panel +10 Inch center control screen , Support voice interaction 、 Multimedia entertainment 、 Even the jitter and Iqiyi have tiktok. . In addition, the car also supports OTA Vehicle remote upgrade service and mobile phone App Remote control vehicle , The remote control vehicle can realize the electronic fence 、 Intelligent vehicle search 、 Smart home and other functions . motivation , The new car will be equipped with a drive motor driven by United Automotive Electronics , The maximum power is 126 kw , Maximum torque 250N・m.

coordination Sport Mode of ORA-Launch+ Ejection start function ,0-100km/h by 6.9 second . The endurance part , The car will be equipped with a ternary lithium-ion battery pack produced by honeycomb Energy Technology Co., Ltd , Battery pack capacity is 59.1kWh,NEDC With a range of 480km.( writing / Car home Zhouyi )

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