The only song written by Stephen Chow has played more than 100 million and has become a movie song

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Stephen Chow's comedy films have a great influence , At present, Stephen Chow has a large number of fans in many countries and regions around the world . Many viewers thank Stephen Chow for his joy. His films have also influenced generations , But Stephen Chow is not only good at acting and shooting , Stephen Chow is also a very talented person, and a song he wrote has become a classic at present .

This song is specially written by Stephen Chow for movies 《 Mermaid 》, A song I wrote 《 How lonely is invincible 》. Deng Chao sang this song at that time. It can be said that after listening to this song, the audience felt that the song was too charming. Many people thought it was very beautiful , Especially in movies 《 Mermaid 》 Playing this song can be said to add a lot of popularity to the film .《 How lonely is invincible 》 This song has a strong Stephen Chow element , The audience are attracted by this song and the song. It's very exciting to listen carefully . Stephen Chow, as an old artist in Hong Kong film circle , Not only his acting skills are very exquisite, but also he has become a century old Stephen Chow , And there is the vitality of diligence and talent of Hong Kong artists .

《 How lonely is invincible 》 This song has become , Stephen Chow's out of print music works . Many music websites have this song . Even Deng Chao sang this song when performing , It can be seen how charming Stephen Chow's songs are , A song has such a large amount of playback. Maybe Stephen Chow didn't expect , But this is also the best recognition and support for him .

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