"Movie king" Dong Zijian's wife has a good temperament. Sun Yi is wearing a deep V shirt, sexy and charming

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movie king dong zijian wife

With the growth of age, girls who like lovely girlish style , Slowly change into the style of light familiar imperial sister , This is not just affected by age , Will change with their workplace , In order to create a more capable and reliable, our dress matching should also be stable and mature .

Mature style is not old-fashioned , Many beautiful women will look old-fashioned with some light and familiar styles , The real mature style is a combination of stability and sexuality , Fully show women's charm and temperament . Today's issue focuses on the style of mature Royal sister , Teach you how to dress in style without looking too old .

Sun Yi is wearing a suit “ domineering lady ”, Fine makeup and good figure , I can't see that I've become a mother . Sun Yi's figure is still so good , Is mature temperament , It looks more feminine , Maybe this is the change brought about by age , I have to say, it's so charming and sexy .

“ movie king ” Dong Zijian's wife has a good temperament , Sun Yi wears a deep coat V shirt , Sexy and charming . Entertainment stars generally get married late , Afraid of affecting your career , People like Sun Yi are still admirable , Get married and have children when your career is booming , Have no fear of 、 treat with indifference .

Sun Yi's style after marriage tends to be mature , It looks very feminine , It's very feminine . But it doesn't mean old , Just a change in temperament , It looks more attractive , It's really the charm of mature wind .

Different mature styles

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