Don't just wear a skirt after autumn, rustic! It's popular this year. It's easy to wear high-grade clothes

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don wear skirt autumn rustic

After autumn , What fairies start with most is dresses , After all, it's beautiful and versatile , There is not much trouble in daily collocation , Elegant skirt matching , Although very fashionable , But watching too much will inevitably be a little “ Aesthetic fatigue ”, It is far from having a variety of interpretation styles like trousers .

This autumn , Pants become the hottest item “C Debut ”, In the clothes of many street photographers or fashion stars , Can see its figure .

Now the style of pants on the market is even more dazzling , Today, let's take a look at the most popular pants this year , Putting on your body makes you feel great in an instant , Foreign fashion .

Straight pants are clean

Straight pants, as the name suggests, are pants with the same width at the hem as at the knee , The trouser legs are straight , So if you're apple shaped or crus valgus 、 Muscle leg condition , Then straight pants must be the best choice , The body will not appear too flat , More concave and convex . Denim straight pants can not only be casual, but also be neat and capable , Wear it with a white shirt for the workplace , collocation T T-shirts are simple and casual .

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