The car that office workers don't recommend to buy is attractive but easy to break. The key is not to preserve the value

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car office workers don recommend
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When people buy cars for the first time , Because I don't know anything , It's hard to avoid falling into the trap made up by the salesperson , After buying the car home, I felt very regretful . In order to make fewer people suffer losses , Today, let's talk about three kinds of cars that office workers don't recommend to buy , Although the price seems attractive , But it's easy to break , The key is not to preserve the value .

The first 1 One is the stock car

Since the downturn in the auto industry , Many brands have seen sales decline , No one wants to buy the car produced , Then it can only be stacked in the warehouse , So there are inventory cars . For this type of car , There are no clear rules , But most people think , It is more than... From the production date 6 Months model . In order to sell these cars quickly , The manufacturer's pricing will be lower .


So when people first go to buy a car , Because of the price , Will ask the salesperson to recommend cheaper cars , Then they will take the opportunity to recommend stock cars . The price is really cheap , But when people buy their cars back, they find that there is a great chance of car problems , Maintenance fees are also very high . When I wanted to sell it after a few years , Used car dealers will tell you that the car is worthless , All the hard-earned money is in vain .


The first 2 One is the unpopular model

Let's take the simplest example , Many people on the Internet praise Subaru's car as very good , Horizontal opposed engine is adopted , Not only is the power very strong , And off-road , The shape of the car is also aggressive enough .20 About ten thousand yuan , It's more cost-effective than starting with Toyota Highlander . But the car of this brand has a relatively small number in the market , Many garages don't have original parts , In case something goes wrong after buying it home , Can't replace the original parts , Performance will be greatly reduced .

There will also be some garages who are unwilling to take over , The horizontal opposed engine used in Subaru cars , The internal structure is very precise , The technology used is also relatively advanced , Many teachers can't fix . at present , Of this brand 4s Not many stores , Some small towns basically don't have , It's really possible to bring trouble to yourself after you buy it home . So let alone the hedge rate , Who wants to buy a used car of a niche brand ?

The first 3 One is a test drive

There are some dealers in order to provide high-quality services to consumers , When riders want to buy a car , But I can't make up my mind. I can choose to test drive . During the test drive , People don't do what they care about their cars , In order to verify the performance of the car , Will press the accelerator and brake directly to the bottom , Almost every day someone comes to test drive , The test drive mileage of some models can reach tens of thousands of kilometers .


If you buy this type of car home , Then wait for regret , One after another , Maintenance costs are particularly high .

How to tell if it's a test drive ? First take a look at the state of the car tires , Next, look at the edge of the car door , If you always open and close the door, some traces will be left on the door .


The last one is the bubble car

“ Bubble car ” After repair, it's like “ Time bomb ”, Problems can arise at any time , So even if the bubble car is cheap, don't buy it .

A water soaked car is a car soaked in water . Depending on the degree of immersion , It can be divided into three categories :


1、 Blister to and below the vehicle floor , We call this kind of car a submerged car ;

2、 The blister is between the bottom plate and the engine compartment hood , This kind of car can be called a semi bubble car ;

3、 Blister above the engine hood , Then this kind of car is called a water soaked car .

In the first case, if it is soaked for a short time , Then the problem is not big , It can be considered according to the specific vehicle conditions . But in the latter two cases, don't start even if it's cheaper , Because such a car is very dangerous , The circuit is easy to cause short circuit , Fire, etc .

There are many people who want to buy private cars , But I often can't choose a good car because I don't know a car . So when you see here , I hope everyone can polish their eyes and choose cars in the future , At least these four types of cars are best not to touch , Don't take advantage of some cheap things .

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