Yang idempotent is really capricious! The smell of "Daddy's waistcoat" is dressed in a fashion sense.

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yang idempotent really capricious smell

Vest is a unisex piece , In the hot summer , Just put on a solid vest , It will give people a simple and atmospheric feeling , It highlights the figure , It will also bring you a cool experience , Through it , You can easily wear casual beauty , But if the choice is wrong , It's easy to wear out “ Earthy taste ” The feeling of , This will test our understanding of fashion , In this issue, let's take a look at Yang Mi's various vests looks, Unlock it for more fashion wear , Let's find out the difficulties and key points in the process of choosing vest !

Have to say , Youyan is really capricious , Yang Mi appeared in a dark blue vest with the same color jeans , Earthy taste “ Daddy vest ” Can also wear a full sense of fashion , Her blue hair is cool and rustling , Show the style of fashion , Perfectly echoes the colors in the outfit , Harmonious and natural .

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