Essential for elite gentlemen! Keepit handsome, a popular men's modeling product in Canada, has settled in tmall global!

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essential elite gentlemen keepit handsome

Now this woman makes up 、 The era of ornaments , Men's make-up 、 Modeling products are also quietly rising , As a popular modeling brand in Canada KEEPIT Handsome Known as a professional , Brand professional research men's care products 20 years , The ingredients of each product are extracted from natural plants , Use a special lasting elite fragrance to ensure your charm all day , To serve every elite man , today KEEPIT Handsome It has become the symbol of Canada's elite men .

2021 year 8 month ,“KEEPIT Handsome” Officially settled in tmall global flagship store ,“KEEPIT Handsome” Officially opened . Even if you don't find a purchasing agent , Never leave home , You can also enjoy simple and refined men's care styling products .

Brand building , Reflect innovation and effort

The establishment of the brand , Still have to start with a couple (Claudia and Mirko) They are co owners of a very successful and fashionable men's Salon , As barbers, they are busy using products and combing their hair every day , But one day , They have a bold idea : I just think there are many shortcomings in the current male hairstyle products , For example, stereotypes do not last 、 It smells bad 、 Difficult to use, etc .

Because most beauty products tend to be women , R & D and innovation will also be more female . And they think men should have the same status , therefore Mirko and Claudia In the past 20 Mid year , Almost used all over the world men's hair products , In the process ,Mirko The advantages and disadvantages of each product are summarized , And the causes of various problems in each product , And reflect their findings and conclusions on various products , Committed to creating a series of products that are easy to use and can maintain hair style for a long time .

After months of repeated research and unremitting efforts , They succeeded . To pay tribute to its beginning , They decided to name their brand KEEPIT Handsome.

Brand Specialty , Highlight its concept

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