Is there no way to go or the optimal solution for the final merger of North and South Mazda? Will 1 + 1 be greater than 2

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way optimal solution final merger

There is a basic iron rule in the entertainment industry , That is, refuting rumors is the truth , Negation is affirmation . What personality guarantees, what vows , The more categorical it is , The more conclusive the evidence , Fight with strength . Now the automobile industry has this trend . When the authorities decide whether to do one thing , Saying this is a rumor , That means it's probably true . Of course , The operation of car companies is very different from that of entertainment stars , The purpose is different , The operation is also very different . The merger of Changan Mazda and FAW Mazda is just like this . In recent days, , Chongqing Chang'an Automobile Co., Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as “ Changan automobile ”)、 Mazda Motor Co., Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as “ Mazda ”) And China First Automobile Co., Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as “ FAW China ”) The joint statement shows that : China FAW will use its holding of FAW Mazda Automobile Sales Co., Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as “ Faw Mazda ”)60% Equity valuation of , Contribution to Chang'an Mazda , After the capital increase , Chang'an Mazda will be changed into a joint venture jointly funded by three parties , The proportion of capital contribution of the three parties is ( Changan automobile )47.5%、( Mazda )47.5%、( FAW China )5%. future ,( new ) Chang'an Mazda will inherit the related businesses of Chang'an Mazda and Mazda . meanwhile , FAW Mazda will be changed to Mazda and ( new ) A joint venture jointly funded by Chang'an Mazda , Continue to undertake the business related to Mazda brand cars .

A simple conclusion is , Chang'an Mazda and FAW Mazda officially merged . As early as last year 6 month , The news of the merger of the two sides can be followed .2020 year 6 month , FAW Mazda business department was officially established , It was strange to observe Jun at that time , On the surface, the establishment of FAW Mazda business department has more say in marketing and the introduction of models , But the problem is that FAW Mazda's sales have not improved in recent years , What if you have the right to speak ? For quite a long time , News of Mazda is flying all over the world , It will be provided by the supplier , Later, it came out of the dealer channel , I can't tell the true from the false . Now the dust has finally settled , Two horses in one , All is well . For a volume like Mazda , Two dealer systems , Two sets of marketing strategies are definitely a waste , After unity , Can effectively integrate resources , The merger was clearly in favor of Mazda group operations . The problem is coming. , At present, the competition in the automobile market is white hot , Like Beijing Hyundai 、 Changan Ford 、 SAIC general 、 Second tier joint venture brands such as SAIC Skoda have encountered great difficulties , Sales fall off a cliff , Can Mazda really live a peaceful life after unity ?

Mazda's business in China has been shrinking , The market performance is very unsatisfactory . from 2018 Mazda's sales continued to decline since .2018 Mazda's sales volume in China was 27.23 Thousands of cars , fell 12%;2019 Annual decline 22.78 Thousands of cars ,2020 Annual decline 21.46 Thousands of cars . FAW Mazda is obviously lagging behind ,2020 The annual cumulative sales volume is only 7.79 Thousands of cars , It's down year on year 14.78%. data display , The sales volume of FAW Mazda has increased continuously 4 Annual decline .2017 year , The sales volume of FAW Mazda is 12.6 Thousands of cars ;2018 Annual sales for 10.8 Thousands of cars ;2019 year , Sales of 9.14 Thousands of cars ;2020 year , The further decline of FAW Mazda sales is only 7.8 Thousands of cars ,, This year's sales are even bleak , The cumulative sales volume in the first seven months of this year was 36,466 car , Only half of the sales volume of Chang'an Mazda . The sales volume of Chang'an Mazda is relatively mediocre .2017 Annual sales for 19.7 Thousands of cars ,2018 Annual sales for 16.3 Thousands of cars ,2019 The year is just 13.6 Thousands of cars ,2020 Annual sales for 13.6 Thousands of cars . Before this year 7 Monthly cumulative sales volume 73896 car , The situation is better than that of FAW Mazda . This is the difference between 100 and 50 steps , The sales of one horse and long horse in the first seven months are 10 All s , Being dumped by Japanese colleagues, I can't even see the tail lights . For specific models , The best seller is Oncella , front 7 Monthly cumulative sales volume 47894 car , ATZ cumulative sales 318723 car ,CX-4 Cumulative sales 17739 car ,CX-5 Cumulative sales 13951 car ,CX-30 Cumulative sales 8077 car ,CX-8 Cumulative sales 413 car . The sales volume of Changan Mazda and FAW Mazda continues to shrink this year , Newspaper group heating may be the only way to live .

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