Chery is angry with Toyota! The new car is equipped with constant speed cruise, but it drops by 40000. Who is smart to see Carola

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chery angry toyota new car

Nowadays, consumers in the automobile market are gradually showing a younger trend , That is, more and more consumers pay more attention to the appearance of cars , It has a fashionable and beautiful shape , Will attract more consumers , Many business models are now taking a younger design , Like a Mercedes E level 、 BMW 5 Series and audi A6L They are all moving towards this trend , After all, this can win more consumers' love . Chery is angry with Toyota ! The new car cruises at a fixed speed but drops straight 4 ten thousand , Smart people, who still looks at Carola .

We have to admit , The progress of domestic cars in recent years is very obvious , Like Geely's acquisition of Volvo , Successfully went abroad , The Great Wall is based on the Haval Series in the compact SUV Have a firm foothold in the market , BYD is looking for another way , Great achievements have been made in the field of new energy . Chery is a little tepid , So today Xiaobian will introduce you to a new car owned by Chery , It's arizer GX, Let's take a look .

From the appearance , The exterior design of this car is quite innovative , It can be said that Chery has completely independently designed the language , Huxiao's China open design , The interior has been blackened , It looks very domineering , It also has a high degree of identification , The big mouth air inlet grille is connected with the headlamp groups on both sides , Make the front look wider .

From the side , The side design of this car is quite good , The smooth waistline extends from the rear tail light to A column , Make the side look extra slender , Coupled with the multi spoke hub design , The whole has a very good sense of movement , Then let's look at the tail , The tail light set of this car adopts a through design , It looks beautiful .

In terms of size , The length, width and height of this car are respectively 4710mm、1825mm、1490mm, As for the wheelbase, it has reached 2670mm, In terms of data , The performance of this car is very good , The interior space is quite spacious , Whether it's the front or the back , There is a relatively free space .

From the interior , The interior design of this car is relatively traditional , The interior is mainly black . Two color stitching style supplemented by silver white , The center console is decorated with chrome trim strips , Improved the grade , And it's equipped with a piece of 9 Inch LCD screen , Have a strong sense of science and Technology . Next, let's look at the configuration , This car is equipped with panoramic images 、 Fatigue driving reminder 、 Remote start, etc .

From the perspective of power , This car carries one 1.5T Turbocharged engine , And what matches that is CVT Stepless gearbox and 5 Gear manual gearbox , Maximum horsepower 147, Fuel consumption per 100 km 6.4L, Although the power mix is single , But for home , There's still no problem .

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