Volvo's new V60 was officially launched from 304300 yuan

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volvo new v60 officially launched

[ The domestic new car of aika automobile is original ]

8 month 26 Japan , Aika Automobile Co., Ltd , Volvo new V60 Officially listed ,4 The official direct selling price of this model remains unchanged , The price range is 30.43-39.58 Ten thousand yuan . Now the users who buy cars , You can get 30000 km of basic maintenance , as well as “0 The interest rate 、0 Monthly supply 、0 Yuan drives a new car ” Financial car purchase scheme . Replacement or additional users , Will enjoy the highest 15,000 The equivalent subsidy of yuan .

The appearance of the new car has not changed , New denim blue metallic and shiny silver grey metallic . The interior of the new car is wrapped in leather with stitches in a large area , Add piano baking paint 、 Exquisite decoration such as metal wire drawing , New options Bowers&Wilkins Baohua Weijian hall level sound . Besides , New car carrying CLEANZONE Clean the cockpit , Unique AAC Double effect enhanced air purification system , Up to... Can be prevented under real road conditions 95% Harmful PM2.5 particulate matter .

The new V60 Continue to carry the new third-generation engine and 48V Light mixed system , matching 8 Speed automatic transmission . among ,B5 The maximum power of the model is 184kW(250 horsepower ), Peak torque reached 350Nm, The comprehensive fuel consumption is as low as 6.9L/100km, It takes only 100 kilometers to accelerate 6.8 second ;B4 The maximum power of the model is 145kW(197 horsepower ), Peak torque reached 300Nm, The comprehensive fuel consumption is also as low as 6.9L/100km, Speed up 100 kilometers to 8.0 second .

Edit comment on : Station wagon is a minority model in China , There are not many choices at this level , Except FAW - The public CC Hunting carts and imported Wei Lan , Only Volvo V60、 Mercedes C Class travel , And Audi A4 Avant.

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