2021 "new rules for annual inspection of private cars"! In this case, the car will not pass

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new rules annual inspection private

Annual inspection has always been a matter of great concern to car owners , After all, this thing is very troublesome . The biggest worry is , There's no way to detect , It's annoying every minute “ insane ”.

That's the popular saying that used to tiktok on the jitter : It's annoying !

Except for the situation where you need to go through the back door , Most of the time , Obstacles encountered in annual inspection , It's because the car owner doesn't understand some strange items in the annual inspection .

such as , Many people don't know , During the annual inspection , Tire is also a role that cannot be underestimated .

The tread depth shall not be less than 1.6 mm

The pattern depth is lower than 1.6 mm , The annual review failed .

《 Motor vehicle safety technical inspection items and methods 》 Regulations :

Passenger car 、 The tread depth on the crown of trailer tire shall be greater than or equal to 1.6mm, Tire tread wear marks shall be visible .

This means that there are mandatory requirements for the tread depth , During the annual vehicle inspection , It needs to be measured with tire tread depth gauge , Passenger cars that do not meet the above requirements will not pass the annual inspection .

A car owner asked ,

Usually I don't bring cutting tools ,

How can we judge whether the pattern depth is lower than 1.6 Mm ?

How to judge the pattern depth ?

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