rise! Can't afford to lose! It's right to buy it with an annual salary of 200000! Wey vv7 GT vs Asian Dragon

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rise afford lose right buy

Due to different local policies , The development of fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles is also different everywhere . If you want to buy a gasoline car , Let's take a look at the next WEY VV7 GT Asian Dragon . Advantages and disadvantages are obtained through comparison , Next, let's see the results with Xiaobian .

models :WEY VV7 GT 2020 paragraph 2.0T Flagship

The guided :20.58 Ten thousand yuan

WEY VV7 GT 2020 paragraph 2.0T The flagship front looks very atmospheric , The larger honeycomb grille of the car is decorated with chrome trim , Plus the sharp matrix headlights , The whole gives people a sense of stability and generosity .

WEY VV7 GT 2020 paragraph 2.0T The flagship interior presents a luxurious design style , Rich central console design is adopted , Decorated with silver ornaments , Combined with 12.3 Inch touch LCD central control screen , It seems to have a certain sense of science and Technology .

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