When a woman is over 40 years old, she should learn to "subtract" her clothes, which simply shows her temperament

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woman years old learn subtract

Fashion is not hostile to age , But for ordinary women , Learn to minimize your sense of age , Don't have too many boundaries .

Dressing is the best and simplest way , After adjusting your mind , Can create the most suitable shape , Becoming beautiful has become a relatively easy thing .

There are a variety of dressing styles , But for 40 For women after the age of , Or simple collocation is more suitable . There are a lot of women who are too complicated to wear , What middle-aged women have to face is the change of face and body , So we should have our own unique advantages , Adjust your mindset , Learn to subtract from your outfit , In the precipitation of years , Show strength and temperament .

The woman passed 40 year , Learn to dress and match “ Subtraction ”, Simplicity is very temperament !


1、 Color is the focus of subtraction : Control type and saturation

For women, dressing is to show themselves to the greatest extent , And color is an important point in wearing , No matter how old a woman is , Will have a favorite color , But when it comes to dressing , Also learn to subtract colors .

Young women like to pile up all kinds of colors to show their personality and characteristics , There are four or five colors of accessories all over the body , And for 40 Women after the age of , Learn to subtract colors , Control the type and saturation of color and the sense of existence in modeling , You can use low saturation colors to show charm and style .

It is suggested that middle-aged women wear clothes , Count your bags or shoes , Try not to have more than three colors all over the body , To have a more advanced feeling , And the color saturation used by middle-aged women is relatively low , It can be decorated with a large area of low saturation and a bright color system .

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