[new car quick view] taking into account daily and short distance entry-level electric vehicles, focusing on high cost performance

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new car quick view taking


since this year on , Facing the shortage of chips 、 Adverse factors such as the rise of raw materials , The new energy vehicle market is still rising against the trend , Achieve breakthroughs in production and marketing one after another . Data display of CAAC ,1-7 month , The cumulative production and sales of new energy vehicles have exceeded the annual number in China over the years , achieve 150.4 Thousands of cars and 147.8 Thousands of cars , The permeability is also further increased to 10%.

Ride on “ New four modernizations ” The wave of 、 The new energy market is growing rapidly “ dongfeng ”,A00、A0 Class electric vehicles are also due to convenience 、 Low threshold 、 High cost performance and other advantages usher in development opportunities , Become an entry-level choice for some consumers .8 month , A batch of micro ( Small ) E-type electric vehicles are centralized on the market , Who will capture the hearts of consumers ? among ,“ Little wild cat ” Cool shape , Brand positioning is more in line with “ she ”;“ The dolphins ” Cute fashion , Standard configuration “ Blade battery ”; baojun KiWi EV life 305 km , daily 、 Short distance is not wrong ; Mango Chinese restaurant version provides multiple configurations , Price 、 To configure 、 Appearance balanced development .

“ Little wild cat ” KusA radical The eulameow family is further expanded

8 month 14 Japan ,2022 Euler black cat 、 Euler's little wildcat is officially on the market , The price of black cat 6.98 ten thousand -8.48 Ten thousand yuan ; The price of white cat upgrade 7.18 Ten thousand yuan , The little wildcat version costs 7.98 ten thousand -8.88 Ten thousand yuan , The launch of new models has further enriched the product matrix of Euler meow family .


As a new original modified model , Euler's little wildcat looks more radical , Sporty ; Into the car ,23 Inch integrated screen , Dual screen interaction , A sense of technology . In terms of intelligent configuration, constant speed cruise control is added 、 Seat heating 、 Keyless entry 、 One button start 、 Central seat armrest and other practical configurations , And equipped with 6 airbag 、360 Degree panoramic image 、FCW Front collision warning 、LDW Lane departure warning 、AEB Automatic emergency braking , High configuration models are also equipped with dash cam .

from 2018 year 8 Since the release of the brand in June , Euler has gradually become a real... Under the witness of consumers “ Net red car ”、“ Popular car ”, And in brand promotion , Euler also pays great attention to “ Her marketing ”. Euler brand says , Euler wildcat focuses on the women's market , Focus on becoming a young woman “ Natural tide FUN New favorite ”, Let them release their body and mind without worry , Chaoku out of the street .

“ The dolphins ” Cute fashion BYD's marine vehicle line is aimed at younger groups

8 month 13 Japan , BYD ocean car series was officially released , Its first model, BYD dolphin, opened for pre-sale at the same time . The new car has four models , The pre-sale price range is 9.68 ten thousand -12.48 Ten thousand yuan .


aesthetic , BYD dolphin sprouting design, personality and fashion , Bold color matching and ingenious detail decoration give people a wonderful feeling of enjoying the ocean world ; Into the car , Dolphins are equipped with 12.8 Inch adaptive rotation suspension Pad, Mobile phones at the same time NFC Car keys and VTOL Discharge black technology gives life more intelligent experience . Besides , Dolphins will come standard “ Blade battery ”.

As “ The leader of new energy vehicles ”, BYD's advanced blade battery technology and self-developed and self-produced chip capability , Let it win at the new energy track “ Commanding elevation ”, Sales also continue to lead .7 month , BYD's sales of new energy have exceeded 5 Ten thousand vehicles pass to 50057 car , Year on year growth 262.7%, Even a new high .

life 305 km baojun KiWi EV Meet daily needs

8 month 11 Japan , Baojun automobile announced Baojun KiWi EV New car preemptive price , The designer version is priced 6.98 Ten thousand yuan , Artist version pricing 7.88 Ten thousand yuan . Official data show , Open pre-sale for a week , baojun KiWi EV The number of orders exceeds 3000 car .


baojun KiWi EV The shape design is very unique , Give people a kind of suspension “ The capsule ” The visual effect of , The front face is a zigzag headlamp , And between the two headlights “ Concave design ”, A sense of hierarchy ; baojun KiWi EV The endurance is 305 km , Meet the needs of daily short distance travel . In fast charging mode , Electricity comes from 30% Charge to 80% Need to be 1 Hours ; baojun KiWi EV It is also equipped with full scene intelligent parking 、ACC Adaptive cruise 、AEB Automatic emergency braking 、BAOJUN Car networking 2.0 etc. .

For micro ( Small ) For electric vehicles , Urban transportation can be said to be the most commonly used use scenario ,305 Km endurance fully meets consumers' daily needs . Besides , Support fast 、 Slow charging mode brings more convenience to consumers .

Provide multiple configurations Mango Chinese restaurant version has balanced strength

7 month 30 Japan , Redding officially released Redding mango Chinese restaurant version , The new car has launched an interesting version 、 Taste version and Zhenwei version , Provide 130 km 、200 Kilometers and 300 Km range versions , The price is 3.98 ten thousand -5.98 Ten thousand yuan .


appearance , The new car follows the reading family design style , Full headlights cartoon cute ; In the interior , It adopts double width multifunctional steering wheel with double color matching and rotary shift mechanism , With suspended instrument panel and central control panel ; motivation , The fun version is equipped with a rear single motor system , Maximum power is 25 kw , Peak torque 105 Cattle meters , Conditions continue to reach 130 km .

Consider the price 、 Appearance value, endurance and other factors , The Chinese restaurant version has a balanced strength . This year, 5 month 25 Japan , Reading released mango electric car , High cost performance has become one of the keys for new cars to enter the market . data display , Reading mango 7 In sales 3243 car , Ranked No. in the sales volume of new energy cars in China 12 position .( Reporter of China Economic Net Zhang Yi )

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