Test drive Geely Xingyue L: the same Volvo 2.0T + 8at, luxurious and textured

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test drive geely xingyue volvo

Today we are going to talk about a “ There are medium-sized SUV Size , They say they are compact SUV”、“ Mingming has a joint venture with the same powertrain , But only the price of cabbage ” Made in China SUV. you 're right , It's the hottest star this year L.

The more stars L Already in 7 month 20 It was officially launched on the th , Pricing for 13.72-18.52 Ten thousand yuan . So this one “ Wolf in sheepskin ” Is it worth buying ? Today we'll give it a good swing .

Appearance and interior feel :

in fact , This is my first experience of Xingyue L, It gives me the most intuitive feeling is : With texture . Put this evaluation on domestic cars , Especially one 10 More than the SUV On the body , It's actually very high . Because in the past, domestic cars always left a cheap impression on everyone , And the more stars L Will impress you .


First , The more stars L My front face abandoned the family ripple China open , Instead of this more dignified straight waterfall grille , And it's bigger , With double row and three-stage lamp group , It looks calm and atmospheric .


Undeniable? , Geely enters Technology 4.0 After the times , The new car is in shape , There will be some shadow of Volvo , For example, Xingyue L The side of . Look at this burly body and this straight line , It's a bit of a familiar feeling . however , It looks like a luxury computer SUV, Doesn't it smell good ?


The rear part , The more stars L With the current popular through tail lamp , With chrome trim and Geely brand LOGO The embellishment of , Make the rear look more fashionable . This chrome plated letter LOGO Use , I think it's a display of self-confidence of our own brand , Worthy of praise .


You might think : The price of more than 100000 , Geely to Xingyue L A luxury SUV The appearance of has been very interesting , But the truth is more than that , Its interior is more comfortable , More temperament .

Just get in the car , You can understand what I just said about texture . Use of large area suede material , Triple screen design , It can give you the luxury you want , And a sense of science and technology that keeps pace with the times .


And the configuration of four large screens in the central control , It is equipped except for the pre-sale entry model , Qualcomm Xiaolong is built in here 8155 chip , Not only make the operation smooth and clear , Can also support FOTA upgrade .

besides , Like panoramic skylight 、 The electric chair 、 Seat massage 、 Independent air conditioning 、Bose sound 、 Active noise reduction 、L2 Level automatic driving, etc , The more stars L All equipped . So many things add up , Only more than 100000 , What kind of bike do you want ?

Leapfrog size, large space :

The more stars L be based on CMA The platform was built , Although positioned as compact SUV, But the wheelbase and three dimensions exceed Tiguan L、 Explore the mountain 、 Leon coldwell S This kind of joint venture is medium-sized SUV.( The more stars L The wheelbase 2845mm, body 4770*1895*1689mm)


A clearly positioned medium-sized SUV The car , But sell compact SUV The price of , It's like iPhone 12 Pro sell iPhone 12 The price is the same , It feels like a big bargain . Of course ,2845mm The wheelbase does give Xingyue L Excellent rear space .

In addition to the large space , The more stars L My seat is comfortable to sit in . First , Cortical and Alcantara A mix of suede , Not only does it look high-end , It's also very comfortable to sit up and feel .

“2.0T+8AT”, Comfortable to drive :

The more stars L The whole series is equipped with Volvo as standard Drive-E Series of 2.0T The engine , And provide two different power versions . The high configuration model is equipped with 2.0T High power engine + Love letters 8AT Dynamic combination of , The most powerful 175kW, Maximum torque 350N·m, In addition, the maximum torque can be increased in the supercharged mode 30N·m.


The other is equipped with 2.0T Medium power engine , Maximum power is 160kW, Maximum torque 325N·m, And what matches that is 7 Speed wet double clutch transmission . and , High configuration with 4WD , Low configuration and two-wheel drive . Then put a set of luxury brand powertrain in an independent brand model , What kind of effect will it bring ?

First , The more stars L This set of 2.0T+8AT The cost performance of the powertrain is really high . Joint venture with the same level SUV Than , Its 7.7 100 second breaking ability , Only nkoway S、 Explore the mountain 2.0T The high-power version is comparable to . But the entry prices of the latter two are 20 All the above .

Personal feeling , The machine 2.0T The power reserve of the engine is sufficient , The feeling of pushing back is still obvious . meanwhile , In Aixin 8AT Under the support of the transmission , The whole dynamic connection is relatively linear , Good ride , This is also in line with its use as a household SUV The positioning of .


meanwhile , The more stars L Adopted the former McPherson 、 Rear multi link suspension , And its adjustment is more comfortable . Excellent filtering of road bumps and vibrations , But personally, I don't think the car is very tight , I feel like driving a big car . So to put it bluntly : If you pursue intense driving , The more stars L There will be less fun .

Besides , The overall driving tonality is more comfortable L, But it is extremely accurate in steering , This exceeded my expectations ,“ Where to hit ” No big problem . Besides , The brake of this car is very comfortable , The brake is responsive , There's a sense of hierarchy , Make the vehicle more confident to drive .

summary :

Just to summarize , Personally, I think the star is more L The biggest highlight is its advanced sense and cost performance , At a price of more than 100000 yuan, you can have a dignified appearance and interior 、 Rich configuration , And the same powertrain as Volvo . thus it can be seen , Geely Automobile in recent years “ What we're doing 、 What you want to do ” It is really to let domestic consumers drive a good car .

In the past , Independent brand car enterprises because SUV And rapid development , The future will also rely on SUV To seize the joint venture 、 Even the market share of luxury brands .

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