Official map of Sihao e50a Pro released at Chengdu auto show

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official map sihao e50a pro

[ Car home New car official map ]  8 month 26 Japan , Si Hao E50A( Parameters | inquiry ) Pro The official map of was officially released , In the new car E50A The appearance and interior are upgraded on the basis of , Make the whole vehicle look more fashionable , It is reported that the new car will be in 29 The Chengdu auto show, which opened on the th, ushered in its debut .

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Si Hao E50A Pro A new integrated headlamp group design is adopted , The overall shape has a sense of science and Technology , With closed air intake grille and more sporty front bumper trim , Make the visual effect of the new car more futuristic . In terms of size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4770/1820/1510mm, The whole vehicle is covered with bright black trim strips , With a sliding back design at the back , And hatchback tailgate , The visual effect is more fashionable .

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interiors , The new car is more prominent and concise , Vertical central control screen layout is adopted , And greatly reduce physical keys , Only the necessary function keys are left in the shift lever operation area . Besides , The new car will also provide 64 Light color atmosphere . It is reported that , The new car will be equipped with Huawei intelligent driving system , Have 77GHz Millimeter wave radar , With a wide-angle camera , Realization L2 Level auxiliary driving function .

Power information about the new car , No official announcement yet , At the Chengdu auto show , We will also bring you more news about this new car , If you think about Sihao E50A Pro Any questions , Please leave a message in the comment area , We will collect messages , Bring you more new car details .( writing / Car home Geng yuan )

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