Car home's rush to help Henan car owners ushered in the first mention of new cars

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car home rush help henan

[ Car home   information ]  2021 year 7 month , An unprecedented rainstorm raided Henan . This round of heavy rainfall came quickly and violently , Out of everyone's expectation , Conventional responses are simply unsustainable , Great loss of life and property . Among them , The affected cars floating and sinking in the rain and their owners , Facing claims delays 、 It is difficult to repair the car 、 The problem of changing cars slowly , It urgently needs the attention and support of all sectors of society .

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All the engines work together , Home and Henan . As a leading automotive Internet service platform in China , Car home is in Henan , Rapid Union 30 A car brand , Launch the rescue activities for disaster stricken car owners in Henan , Give... To specific groups of people “ Exclusive buy it now price ”、“ The manufacturer directly supplies the existing cars ”、“ Green channel quick pick-up ”、“ The owner 1000 Yuan welfare subsidy ” Four cares , Help car owners recover quickly . For details, please click :

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8 month 26 Japan , The first day of the event , Zhengzhou, Henan Province 4s The store welcomed the first customer to pick up the car .

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■ Vehicle damage , It's hard to change cars at both ends

Ms. Deng, who is signing a new Ford Ruiji car purchase contract, is very excited , But when asked about the damage to the old car , Ms. Deng inadvertently frowned .720 A sudden rainstorm , Ms. Deng was at work , Trapped in the company, I can't go home , The car parked in the basement of the community can only be soaked by the rain . When the rain is over and the sky is clear , Ms. Deng found that her Buick Excelle was in total loss : The headlight is broken , All buttons on the center console are out of order , The seat is too soaked in rain to sit .

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After this rainstorm , Ms. Deng pays more attention to the safety of the vehicle . The damage is so serious , Ms. Deng is worried that even if the car is repaired , Security is not effectively guaranteed , So she decided to change to a new car . But loss determination and claim settlement are not easy , After dozens of day and night communication , The insurance company finally decided that the vehicle reached the level 4 water immersion scrapping standard , And give 9 Discount and compensation , This let Ms. Deng breathe a sigh of relief .

But the next question is , How can I buy a cheap new car ? How can I ensure that the car I buy is not renovated from a water soaked car ?

■ Surprise , Car home solves the urgent problem

Compared with some women who only pursue the appearance of the vehicle , Ms. Deng looks more “ hardcore ”, She will often log in to the car house APP Browse vehicle information 、 Detailed quotation and various configurations . Long ago , She took a fancy to this Ford Ruiji . As a department of beauty SUV, The power of Ford Ruiji 、 Security 、 Interior space and driving sense , Better than Japanese cars at the same price , It fully meets Ms. Deng's expectations .

One day at the car house App When browsing information , Ms. Deng found the activity of car home to help Henan car owners . When you see that the activity is directly provided by the manufacturer 10000 A selection of existing cars , Can enjoy “ A new buy it now price ” Exclusive car purchase service , And in cooperation 30 When there is Ford in a car brand , Ms. Deng was overjoyed . Almost without thinking , Ms. Deng is App The model is selected on the , And provide wading Certificate , Then pay the deposit online . Soon , Auto Home informed Ms. Deng that she had passed the review , Locked the source for it . In Ms. Deng's words ,“ The whole process , With one ”.

What's more, Ms. Deng has “ Unexpected joy ” Yes. , At the car house “ price ” Car purchase service , The new car didn't land 18 ten thousand , Far lower than her original expected price . meanwhile , The car house also provided her with a job up to 1000 Exclusive welfare subsidy of yuan , Further reduce the cost of buying a car .

Nowadays, the vehicle inventory in Henan is tight 、 When demand is strong , Car owners are always worried about pitfalls and routines when buying a car . Ms. Xu admitted , I've been worried about buying a refurbished car , Even if their functions meet the standards , After this rainstorm , I'm afraid it's not safe enough . therefore , This activity of auto home can be said to solve the urgent needs of affected car owners in Henan , Between car owners and car manufacturers 、 A bridge has been built between dealers , Make the price and quality of cars no longer a problem ――“ Special buy it now ”, The price must be cheaper than offline stores ; The manufacturer directly supplies the existing cars , The quality is hard enough .

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■ after rain the sky looks blue , Car home helps Henan car owners start again

In order to make the owner change to a new car as soon as possible , Car house promises to protect ―― If the delivery of new vehicles is not completed within the commitment time limit , Users will get up to 1000 Metacompensation . This guarantee also makes Ms. Deng feel “ Surprise ”, Let her feel more at ease when she mentions the existing car smoothly . But the speed of collecting the car still exceeded her expectation ,“ I didn't expect to be so fast ”―― The first day of the event , Zhengzhou Ford 4s The store told Ms. Deng that she could pick up the car at the store .

Ms. Deng told us , Since participating in the activity of car home , Pick a car from the line , Up to now, pick up the car at the store , Everything went well , I sincerely hope that more car owners can enjoy these benefits .

After the delivery ceremony , Ms. Deng received the new car key and the surprise gift provided by the car home , And actively took the staff of the car home to take a group photo before the new car . Along the way , A moving smile appeared on Ms. Deng's face , Like a rainbow after a rainstorm .

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The rain will stop , It will clear up , Henan must do . In the fate of countless cars , We have seen personal courage and tenacity , Also saw the mutual assistance and goodwill between people . We believe that , As long as people work together , Don't abandon , All difficulties will be overcome . The car house will not forget its original heart , Join hands with many auto brands , Make every effort to bring help and warmth to the affected car owners in Henan , Help Henan to start again .

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