Exploration Hall of 2021 Chengdu auto show: BYD dolphins arrive at the scene

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exploration hall chengdu auto byd

[ Car home   information ] 2021 The Chengdu auto show will be held in 8 month 29 Opening day , On the eve of the opening day of the auto show , We photographed the real car of BYD dolphin at the exhibition hall , The vehicle is still in camouflage , From the previous news , The site is preparing 8 month 29 We will prepare for the listing on the th .

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『 Site map 』

Subject to site conditions , We can only shoot the new car from a distance , Judging from the outline ,2 The model covered by the solid color camouflage cloth of the building is BYD dolphin . In the new car 8 month 13 Pre sale has been opened on the th , The pre-sale price range after subsidy is 9.68-12.48 Ten thousand yuan .

 BYD The dolphins 2021 paragraph 405km Fashion version

『 Real pictures 』

  BYD dolphin is positioned as a small car , Although its length, width and height are 4070(4125/4150)/1770/1570mm, Its wheelbase reaches 2700mm. aesthetic , The car adopts “ Marine Aesthetics ” New design concept , The whole car is round and smooth , The color decoration of the car body adds a lot of vitality to it .

 BYD The dolphins 2021 paragraph 405km Fashion version

  BYD dolphin car uses a lot of soft curves , With BYD characteristics 12.8 Inch rotatable central control screen , The lower cylindrical control panel is cute and interesting .

 BYD The dolphins 2021 paragraph 405km Fashion version

motivation , BYD dolphins carry maximum power 70kW、 Peak torque 180N・m Permanent magnet synchronous motor ; The maximum power of the drive motor of the high-performance version is 130kW, Peak torque is 290N・m. Endurance , Depending on the model version , The new car is equipped with a capacity of 30.7kWh、44.9kWh Lithium iron phosphate blade battery ,NEDC Range has 301km、401km and 405km Optional . According to the previous news , New car will be on the 8 month 29 Chengdu auto show was officially launched on the th .( writing / Car home Wang Hexuan )

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