Tesla's first model y standard endurance version began to be delivered

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tesla model standard endurance version

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This year, 7 month 8 Japan , tesla Model Y The standard endurance model was officially launched , The selling price is 27.6 Ten thousand yuan , Lower than the previous entry model 7.19 Ten thousand yuan .8 month 26 Japan , Aika Automobile Co., Ltd , First Tesla Model Y The standard endurance model is delivered in Beijing .

tesla Model Y Range of standard range version ( National standard working condition method ) achieve 525km, Under the power configuration of single motor rear wheel drive ,0-100km/h The acceleration time only needs 5.6 second , The most powerful 220kW(299 horsepower ), Peak torque 440Nm, The maximum speed can reach 217km/h. The new car uses the lithium iron phosphate battery of Ningde era , To replace the LG Chemical ternary lithium battery , Thus, the cost is greatly reduced .

Model Y The standard endurance version has a panoramic glass roof that gives a wider view 、 Blackened chrome plated decoration of the whole car 、15 Inch central touch screen, etc , And it is equipped with advanced interior decoration and advanced sound system as standard . The new car is also equipped with high efficiency particulate filter (HEPA) And biological weapon defense mode , It can greatly ensure that passengers are protected from serious air pollution . besides , As a medium-sized SUV,Model Y The standard range version also has a power tailgate and flat rear seats , The rear compartment space can be expanded with one key .

Edit comment on : Standard renewal Model Y The emergence of car models , Expanded Tesla's product matrix , It also refreshes the cost performance standard of intelligent electric vehicles . For many domestic new energy vehicle brands , It must be a headache . But for consumers , It's really a good thing .

Review of highlights :

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