The new second-generation GAC motor gs8 completely changes its blood from outside to inside

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new second-generation second generation gac

8 month 25 Japan , The new second generation GS8 A technical appraisal meeting was held . As a replacement model , The new second generation GS8 It can be said that it has changed , be based on GPMA It is built by the modular architecture of GAC global platform , Complete blood exchange from outside to inside , GAC motor obviously hopes to upgrade its product strength by a large margin , Make sure this side is SUV The banner of high-end products in the market will not fall .

The new second generation GS8 Born in GPMA Under the framework of L platform ,GPMA-L The platform is for medium-sized enterprises / Flagship platform for medium and large products , In the future, other flagship models of GAC motor will also be born on this platform . Second generation GS8 Born this platform , The whole vehicle pattern is bigger and more powerful , Larger body size ——4980mm*1950mm*1780mm, Longer wheelbase ——2920mm, The first thing to bring is the luxurious atmosphere , Formed a more luxurious domineering 、 Stable and relaxed proportional posture and fuller volume .

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