Artistic concept of line composition

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artistic concept line composition

Creation is the art of thinking , The work is a guide to this art . No great writer has won the respect and admiration of the general public by gorgeous words and mysterious expressions , The least amount of words and the most common words reflect the pursuit of excellence in the works . Car design is not like this ? So we are constantly looking for a model , We look forward to meeting our expectations for “ Design creation ” An outstanding work of word understanding , The large and medium-sized luxury cars owned by the international luxury car brand Guinness Seth SUV GV80 It seems to meet this expectation .

The technology of God and form is beginning to see Janice Seth GV80 when , I was attracted by the design of this model . go by the name of “ The emblem of the brave ” The chrome plated medium mesh of wide grille can be said to be a product under the background of the times , But dare to use such a large size in a more traditional shape , It can be seen that Janice Seth has confidence in design language . and “ Perfect diamond ” The rhombic matrix is like a diamond in the sun , The unique three-dimensional feeling and metallic luster are unforgettable .

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