Didi or suspend its overseas expansion plan; Spy photos of tank 500 interior exposed

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didi suspend overseas expansion plan

New car dynamics : tanks 500 Interior spy exposure ; Geely Automobile has released its imperial L/ Bo Yue X Preview of two new models ; chery iCar Its first product QQ Official map of ice cream models released ; Ford officially released its fox ST Official drawing of the special model ; Led the g 03+Cyan The official drawing of the customized model is released ; BAIC Ruixiang X5 Officially listed , Price range: 7.38-12.38 Ten thousand yuan ; Land Rover has officially released its Range Rover Sport SVR Official map of the ultimate model . Industry trends : Foreign media reported that , Didi travel suspended its expansion plan in Europe ;PSA After buying Opel , Citroen's Star car Ami Recently, it was labeled Opel .01

recently , Foreign media reported that , Didi travel suspended its expansion plan in Europe , The important reason is that people are worried about how the company handles passenger data . Foreign media said , Didi travel's staff engaged in expansion in the UK were told to suspend the work related to expansion , The time should be shelved for at least a year , They may be laid off . Up to now , Didi travel officials did not deny the report . Besides , Didi spokesman said :“ We will continue to explore more new markets , Keep in touch with relevant stakeholders in each market , And consider when to launch our service .” Didi spokesman added ,“ Once we have more news about other new markets , We will share with you .”—— Although didi can still use , But I haven't used it for a long time .02

We got a group of tanks from the Internet 500 Interior spy photos , It can be seen that the interior of the new car is quite luxurious , It is consistent with the characteristics of business luxury and off-road . It is reported that , The new car will be officially unveiled at Chengdu auto show . The specific term , tanks 500 The whole instrument panel and the inner door handle are covered with wood grain decoration , It highlights the characteristics of its stable atmosphere . The new car doesn't use the popular dual screen design , Instead, liquid crystal instruments are used with suspended central control screen , There is a white clock in the center of the air outlet at the bottom of the screen , Further highlight the sense of luxury .—— Too many interior design elements , It looks a little messy .03

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