Qian Feng was exposed to a scandal. He was completely overturned and reported by his real name. It seems that it's really going to be cold this time!

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qian feng exposed scandal. scandal

I don't know why , Since Wu Yifan was completely discredited , Stars in the entertainment industry frequently roll over , First there is Zhang zhehan , Huo Zun , The three horse grabbing events have opened the eyes of netizens , I didn't expect that under the bright appearance , What is hidden is a dark heart

I thought the entertainment industry would stop for a while , As everyone knows, the host of mango station , Qian Feng was exposed to another scandal , On the afternoon of August 24 , One called ‘ Minor art ’ Netizens published a long article online , This article directly accuses Qian Feng, the host of mango TV station, of carrying out ‘ illegal activities ’

But according to her , It's been two years since this happened , The reason why I can be involved with Qian Feng , Because before the incident , She was invited to the mango show ‘ Day day up ’ This program , same day ‘ Minor art ’ I didn't meet Qian Feng , But there are staff ‘ A bridge of wires ’ Let the two become online friends

Simply speaking , It was Qian Feng who asked the staff to ‘ Minor art ’ Contact information of , After that, Qian Feng asked her many times , But she refused one by one , until 2019 In the year , Qian Feng invited her again , He cheated her out under the banner of eating , As a result, this meeting , It has become an unforgettable shadow for her all her life

During the meal , Qian Feng tries to get the woman drunk , Until later, the whole person didn't realize , When, as she recalls , So-called ‘ fruit wine ’ The degree is not very high , You can't drink enough to get drunk , It won't make her unconscious , So he suspected that he had been secretly drugged by Qian Feng , Well, it sounds like ‘ Dinner party ’ It's a trap set by the other party

I woke up the next day and found , But he lay on the bed at Qian Feng's house , Qian Feng did not deny this , Directly admitted that he had a relationship with her , But the reason given is extremely unreasonable , Call yourself because you drink too much , I didn't mean to have sex with her , This reason is unconvincing , Maybe a three-year-old won't believe

So the woman found what she gave them that day ‘ Car Hailing drivers ’ And the community where Qian Feng lives , Retrieved the surveillance video of the day , All kinds of evidence can prove ‘ Minor art ’ In a state of vague consciousness , Dragged home by Qian Feng , And this is similar to what Qian Feng said ‘ Minor art ’ There is an obvious contradiction between insisting on going home with him

Later, Qian Fengsao continued to operate , Also want to use money to comfort ‘ Minor art ’ Want to calm it down in private , But the woman didn't buy his account , Make it clear that you are not short of money , What is needed is respect , Alarm processing is directly selected , Want to use legal weapons to solve this matter , But the plot continues to reverse

No one would have thought of , Qian Feng took notes at the police station ‘ Minor art ’ After the examination , This matter is completely gone , Qian Feng still swaggered in front of the camera , It was from that time on , Xiaoyi is deeply depressed , Wash your face with tears every day , Even committed suicide , In short, the mental state has always been very poor

Until after watching Wu Yifan's car overturn , Then I decided not to escape , Consulted a lawyer about it , Finally summon up courage , Make the whole truth public , Fight with Qian Feng to the end , That's not the point , The point is that she said she still had all the recordings , video , And all kinds of evidence , Promise to be responsible for everything you say , Willing to cooperate with all investigations

Stand up and expose Qian Feng's scandal in such a righteous way , Let netizens have to believe what she said , It's all true , Ironically, Qian Feng just finished an activity not long ago , The theme of the activity is still ‘ Be a qualified artist ’ Now it seems , Both slapping and sarcastic , To put it bluntly, Wu Yifan lost his reputation , Mango station specially held such an activity , Let its stars sign ‘ Artist commitment letter ’

stay ‘ Letter of commitment ’ On , We can clearly see Qian Feng's signature , I didn't expect that only a few days have passed , He put on a good play , Maybe even mango station wouldn't think he would be exposed like this ‘ Scandal ’ If ‘ Minor art ’ If all my remarks are true , The day when Qian Feng meets Wu Yifan is not far away

In terms of the current rhythm , Xiaoyi just released a few chat screenshots and vague ‘ Monitoring screen ’ No more solid hammers , So the truth of this matter remains to be discussed , But the strange thing is that Qian Feng was at the most critical time , No response was given , It is reasonable to be reported by someone in his real name , As an artist, you should stand up and deny it , But Qian Feng pretended nothing had happened

This can't help but make netizens doubt this , After all, flies don't bite seamless eggs , If it's just to rub the heat , Xiaoyi can't take such a big risk , Need to know , Slander , Slander or not , Are legally responsible , Personally, I think Xiaoyi didn't lie , otherwise , Mango station officials will not issue a document saying , Before things are clear , Will stop all Qian Feng's work

Various official media have issued statements one after another , It seems , Qian Feng is going to burn completely this time , On the surface, it's full of positive energy , In fact, I did a lot of shady things behind my back , Such an artist , Sooner or later you will pay for your ignorance , Should be blocked from the whole network , I wonder if you have any different views on this ?

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