Five stars overturned in less than a month: some ate in prison, and some lingered on the edge of the prison

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stars overturned month ate prison

as everyone knows , The star's career orientation is “ High-risk ”, Although the daily salary is cool , But they feel bitter , Cry with netizens from time to time .

I hope poor netizens will be more considerate , It's not easy for them to be rich .

Stars sell miserably, that is to scold , All shout occupational high risk , But no one is willing to step back , What is the danger ?

Now let's look at , The career of star is really dangerous . Just this month , There's a little S、 Wu queer 、 Zhang zhehan 、 Huo Zun and Qian Feng 5 An artist overturned , Some have already eaten a big bowl of prison food , Some are wandering on the edge of the prison .


These two days , We once again feel the magic and incredible of the entertainment industry .

24 On the afternoon of Sunday , A netizen with a pseudonym of Xiaoyi broke the news , Said he was raped by Hunan Satellite TV host Qian Feng .

She claims to be 2019 End of year 《 Day day up 》 After the show , Sexually assaulted by Qian Feng . She called the police , The examination concluded that the lower body laceration , The inspection report is stored in Shanghai Gubei police office , But after the police summoned the record, there was no more .

Such a long article , It quickly aroused heated debate .

After the event continues to ferment , Hunan Satellite TV also responded , It means that the station is urgently verifying , And before the conclusion of the investigation , Will suspend all Qian Feng's work .

These two days , Xiaoyi continuously released several surveillance videos to prove that he was forcibly taken away by Qian Feng , She also released a recording of her communication with the police , Said Qian Feng had admitted rape in the mediation room in front of the criminal police .

Of course , There are still some doubts about this big melon , For example, Xiaoyi's real identity , Suspected vulgar game anchor Milan villain . She has been making money selling exposed photos these years , It's not what the text says ―― Depression is serious enough to kill yourself several times .

Besides , At that time, the police decided not to file a case , Yes, after investigation, no rape was found . If there is no new strong evidence , There will be no reversal , We can't convict Qian Feng .

Microblog judgment is not important , Let the bullet fly a little longer .


With the disclosure of this sexual assault , Qian Feng has changed from an old host to a hot flow , Who would have thought he would appear on the hot search as a legal coffee .

It's ironic that , Qian Feng also signed a letter of commitment on Yide last week , Ensure compliance with Yide , Such a scandal broke out this week . good heavens , Do the artists have different faces on and off the stage ?

Although it's a little hindsight now , But Qian Feng seems to have already shown his feet , Some of his performances on the show , It's hard to avoid thinking about it .

such as , As early as 2012 year , Some netizens picked him out and interacted with female guests , Multiple erections .

Of course! , This is a normal physiological phenomenon , We can't draw any conclusions from it .

however , Qian Feng has many inappropriate words and deeds in the program , Although it may be the effect of the program , But is it too stable for a vulgar person like him ?

Female guests wear open leg skirts , Qian Feng's eyes are hot, and he will add special effects to him in the later stage .

Qian Feng 、 Joker Xue and Tian Yuan even laughed at women's wear. , It is suggested that the hostess lift her legs high and walk .

Asked specific function , What he dreams of is “ Perspective eyes ”, When he spoke, he had an obscene and greasy expression .

Recording with female guests , I felt it while chatting , Guo Xuefu quickly withdrew her hand , And shout “ What are you doing ?”

This situation , It's basically workplace sexual harassment .

In the program, girls drink milk tea with straws , Qian Feng began to flirt with interest if the straw became bigger and thicker , Qi Wei was speechless and rolled her eyes .

Tell such yellow jokes in front of girls , Treat vulgarity as humor , In addition to making people speechless, what program effect can it have ? Even the post editing was also evaluated “ This is a pervert among perverts ”.

《 Day day up 》 Regular programs popularize legal knowledge related to sexual assault , The lawyer was on the plane , Zhang San picked up the earphone , Put your hand on the lap of the next lady Li Si 90 minute .

Qian Feng doesn't think it constitutes sexual harassment , Because the girl didn't sleep ,“ Then she volunteered ”.

Look simple and honest , Keep going on love shows to find girlfriends , However, Wang Han revealed that Qian Feng's circle of friends were all women .

Joker Xue also laughed. , Qian Feng is in the nightclub every day .

《 My boy 》 After Yuan Shanshan and Qian Feng went on a blind date , What are the advantages of the man , She kept laughing and couldn't say a specific advantage .

Now look back , Qian Feng has many controversial words and deeds in his work and life , Maybe everything already has traces , It's just that we didn't notice it at that time .

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