Korean drama moving: Wang's lineup: Zhao Yincheng, Han Xiaozhou, Che taixuan, beauty plus strength +

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korean drama moving wang lineup

Today's Korean dramas are recommended ――《Moving》.

This Korean drama is awesome , As far as the cast is concerned , At least on my side, it's the king's bombing squad , Zhao Yincheng 、 Han Xiaozhou 、 Che taixuan 、 Liu Chenglong 、 Gao Yunzhen 、 Li zhengxia 、 Jin Chengjun 、 Jin Xiyuan 、 Guo Shanying plays !

The lineup is too strong , It's all a combination of beauty and strength !

Another point is , The play will be Han Xiaozhou Ji 2016 Popular Korean dramas broadcast in 《W- A world 》 after , Time interval 5 Works that returned to the TV screen in .

Korean dramas 《Moving》8 month 23 It has been officially started on the th , Want to ask why I know ? Because the storyboard of the play 、 Photos such as art director's work permit have been exposed ~

This is a real-life version “ Superman special attack team ” Korean dramas in China ( The plot ), It costs 500 Billion won ( RMB : about 2.77 One hundred million yuan ) The production of (JTBC investment ), Zhao Yincheng 、 Han Xiaozhou 、 There are a lot of big guys starring Che taixuan + Big production !

The play is Disney+ Original play , Adapted from the same name wangman , It's a TV play with super power as the theme , It tells the story of high school students and their parents who hide secrets .

Korean dramas 《Moving》 The plot of is mainly about the family members with super powers , Across generations , Action hero drama against powerful enemies .

There are a total of 20 Set , Adapted from the same name wangman by Korean comic writer Jiang Cao , The original author Jiang Cao wrote the script himself , And by the 《 Kingdom Season 2 》 Director Park Renzai directed .

The original cartoon describes the story of two generations between a secret high school student and his parents , It's a fantasy story about the growth of boys and girls full of human nature and self growth .

High school students with flying superpowers 「 Jin Fengxi 」 And high school students with another superpower 「 Chang Xixiu 」 After encounter , The process of regaining confidence in your previously hidden superpowers 、 The agony of the superpower in his parents' time 、 And the conflict between superpowers in the North , It's all a big part of the plot .

And the two high school boys and girls , Will be made by 《 Irresistible he / Although I know 》 Li zhengxia 、《 Sweet home /Sweet Home》 Gao Yunzhen plays .

And Zhao Yincheng 、 Han Xiaozhou 、 Che taixuan, three big stars , The characters in the play have 「 flight 」、「 Cure 」、「 Speed strange force 」 And so on , See these superpowers , Whether you will somehow have a kind of 《 Superman special attack team 》 The visual sense of the real-life version ?( Anyway, I think it's good .)

Korean dramas 《Moving》 Scheduled to shoot until 2022 year 4 month , The shooting duration can be described as spanning the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter , It took so long , You can feel that this is really a big production !

Believe in Korean dramas 《Moving》 It must be wonderful , Because that's why Zhao Yincheng gathered once 、 Han Xiaozhou 、 Che Tai Hyun starred three Korean celebrities .

More Than This , The supporting cast is also super luxurious , Yes 《 Extreme careers / A chicken cannot be lost 》 Liu Chenglong 、《 Please answer the questions 1988》 Jin Chengjun 、 Film villain professional Jin Xiyuan 、《 Smart doctor life 》 Guo Shanying ... etc. , Although they are only supporting roles , But for fans who love watching Korean dramas , They are all familiar faces !

Just Korean dramas 《Moving》 Please these Cass lineup , Even if it's not Korean drama , It's just a variety show in which they play together , I want to chase , What do you say ?

above , You expect Zhao Yincheng 、 Han Xiaozhou 、 Korean drama starring Che taixuan 《Moving》 Do you ? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to discuss !

This article is original by drama fans with obsessive-compulsive disorder , Welcome to your attention , Take you together to grow knowledge !

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