Evaluation of Jinpeng new energy, a powerful brand, about 30000 electric four wheeled vehicles

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evaluation jinpeng new energy powerful

Due to low use cost , China's electric vehicle market is expanding rapidly year by year , And lower purchase threshold , It also makes the consumer group of low-speed electric vehicles expand day by day . This article recommends the head brand of low-speed pure electric vehicle, Jinpeng new energy 3 About 10000 popular cars , See which one is more to your taste .

1、 Potential rookies —— Kimpen, Amy AMY

The sales of micro pure electric vehicles have increased considerably this year , Become one of the fastest growing forces in the new energy vehicle market . and 7 Jinpeng Amy just released at the beginning of this month AMY It is also a micro pure electric vehicle in line with the new national standard ,2 rice 9 The body of the car is due to the penetrating metal in the front of the car logo Trim design , The visual presentation is not inferior to that of a cart .1 rice 5 Because of the simple design and rational use of space in the car , It doesn't seem too closed .

There are all kinds of electric facilities in the car , The reversing image version can be selected , HD large screen with entertainment function , Meet more user experience needs . Imitation leather seat is easy to adjust , All kinds of electric key marks are simple and easy to understand , Novice drivers can also get started quickly .

As a whole , This kimpen Amy AMY While ensuring the standard of micro electric vehicles , It also has originality and uses cutting-edge design concepts in modeling and interior decoration , To a greater extent, the comfort will be closer to medium and high-grade cars . combination 2 Wan to 3 In terms of the guiding price of about 10000 , It is an economical spare car worth buying for families .

2、 Powerful generals —— Jinpeng T90

Jinpeng T90 It is the flagship product of Jinpeng new energy released at the beginning of the year , In terms of product specifications and related configurations , It can be said that Jinpeng new energy is ambitious to further seize the market .3 rice 5 Compared with other similar products , More slender and domineering , The streamlined body is very dynamic . The vehicle body adopts automobile grade asymmetric suspension system , Flat terrain absorbs bumps , The undulating terrain strongly supports , First class driving comfort . The five wheel hub of the car running class is not only fashionable and durable , Far exceeding the requirements of similar products 10153N Force value radial rolling impact , It also makes driving more stable and safe .

T90 The eye-catching aspect also lies in the upgrading of interior quality , double 9.38 Inch LCD integrated screen , Through screen design of semi suspended instrument panel , Technology sense . HD reversing camera with starlight night vision function ( Wide angle requirements ≥170°), The reversing picture is put on the integrated screen , Display time ≤2s! Even at night or in smog , The imaging is still clear and intuitive . In addition to the standard four door central control of the whole system + Outside the electric car window , Upper and lower split door guard 、 Piano key style air conditioner / Warm air switch 、 Pantone's matching seats and other details in popular colors , Let users enjoy the improvement of multi sensory experience .

Combined with the performance of the whole car , For users who need higher ride comfort , You can consider choosing this Jinpeng T90.3 A price in the low tens of thousands , There are few competitors in the same price range , Since the beginning of the year , The excellent sales performance also shows the market value of this car .

Whether it's Kim pen, Amy AMY Or Jinpeng T90, Actual needs are the key to choice . If it is the second car of the family or is mainly used for shopping nearby 、 Pick up the children , So small and flexible 、 Jinpeng Amy, convenient for parking AMY Is the best choice . If it's often used for commuting , So Jinpeng, who pays equal attention to comfort and intelligence T90 More suitable . After reading the introduction , Which one do you like better ?

source : China business daily

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