The favorite of young workers! With 204 horsepower, driving it back to the village is more eye-catching than A4

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favorite young workers horsepower driving

Now buying a car has become a common thing . Especially for young people who pursue quality of life and face , Even more so . Worked hard for a year , I want to go back to the village , Have face , There is light on his face . Obviously , Buying a popular model has undoubtedly become the key . Of course BBA Of course , But price and budget reasons , It's hard to accept . Today, let's talk about the sedan festa produced by Hyundai , Although the brand premium is generally , But the degree of eye absorption is not inferior to Audi A4, Acceleration is more worthy of the standard of sedan running .

As a special model of Hyundai in China , The reason for the launch of , The main reason is to better enhance competitiveness , Ease the embarrassment of the current cold winter . Plus today's young consumers , Most of them turn their eyes to 15 10000 level camp , This is the arrival of festa . Although I didn't do the sling , Second kill civic level , But it's worth it , Speed up the invincible at the same level , There is no doubt about these two points .

Since as a sedan , Of course, beauty is very important . The appearance of festa is the appearance of Hyundai's cars , It still has a family design style . Be similar to “ Sector ” Grid design , With chrome trim , Suddenly it looks like , It's kind of bluffing . Just look at the shape of the front face , Compared with A4 Look good , It's just a personal point of view .

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