The new Nissan Qijun anti-collision beam is disassembled. How about the quality?

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new nissan qijun anti-collision anti

What's the difference between this new Qijun and the old one , Is it progress or retrogression ? Today we'll take the car apart , Start with the front and rear crash beams , Let's talk .x


Large area aluminum alloy


Qi jun ( Parameters | picture ) The skin material is really new , Front hood 、 Front fender on both sides 、 Four doors , They are all made of aluminum alloy , It's much stronger than the old Qijun's all steel skin . The material level is comparable to that of luxury cars , Very rare at this level . Of course , The tailgate is the same as the old model , It's still plastic .

Front crash beam

Double rolled steel plate

Remove the front bumper , There is only one plastic buffer on the front crash beam , No pedestrian protection foam. , But there is a very complete protection bubble in the old model. .

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